Home TV Prithvi Vallabh 18 February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update

Prithvi Vallabh 18 February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update

Sony TV serial Prithvi Vallabh 18th February 2018 Written Update, Prithvi Vallabh Written Episode

Today’ (18.02.2018) Prithvi Vallabh episode starts with the enchants of Manyaketh people, on Tailap’s return. He takes blessings of Guru Aditya. But he couldn’t find her sister, Mrinal. He says, he wants to meet her sister immediately. Then soldier informs him, that Kosha and Mausi ran away from Kotha. Tailap orders to find them soon.

Mausi tells Kosha that Tailap has returned to Manyaketh. Kosha delights on hearing the news. She says I will meet him now,  he is the only one, who can solve our problems.

Tailap knows about Mrinal’s is missing from Manyaketh. He asks Sena Adyaksh, where did Akka has gone? Akka won’t go anywhere without informing. He orders soldiers to search for her quickly.

Raja Singhdant asks Prithvi, how will you make a peaceful relationship with Manyaketh? Their hearts are filled enmity. Prithvi says keep trust in me, I will definitely make it possible. Singhdant also asks him to take care of Sindhu. He says, now Sindhu’s heart is filled with hatred. He always desired to become the king of Malwa.  It’s your responsibility to guide him in a right way. prithvi says you don’t worry about him, I will take care of himself, one day you will be proud of him. Singhdant says I wish it could happen. Prithvi says it will happen soon.

Tailap asks Sena Adyaksh about Mrinal. He says where can she go suddenly? Guru Aditya comes. Tailap asks Guru Aditya Akka won’t do anything without informing you, how it’s possible that you are also unaware of it? Guru Aditya says you know Mrinal only as a sister. But Mrinal is more than that. She is the pride of Manyaketh. She breaths only for Manyaketh protection. Tailap says I also aware of it Guru Ji, but what is she is doing now? where has she gone? Guru Aditya answers, I don’t know where she went? But she will definitely return soon.

In the boat, Mrinal is down with hunger, her temperature raises. Sulochana pleads god for help. Then they find the seashore. Other lady soldier says that we reached Africa.

Sindhu drowns in alcohol pleasure. Maharani says you are Yuvraj of Malwa, How can you do these things? It’s not the time to be grief, It’s time to make Malwa proud. Sindhu says I’m not Yuvraj of Malwa. I’m just Sena Pramukh. He also says why don’t you leave me like this? We don’t leave you like this, says Prithvi. You are still king of Malwa.

Kosha finds a secret door to in the cave. She calls Mausi to show the door. Mausi opens it. It’s an entrance to Raj Mahal. Kasha feels so happy. She wants to go into the Mahal, and meet Tailap. But Mausi denies it. She says if anyone sees you in the Mahal, then they will kill you. Kosha says I’m happy to die for Tailap. Then Mausi agrees. But she warns to not to tell anyone about this secret door, even to Tailap.

As they reached sea shore,  They see some African men, who are coming to attack them. Mrinal takes her sword out. As they reach near, Mrinal faints down.

Kosha enters into Raj Mahal and looks for Raja Tailap. She finds Tailap’s room. Tailap awes on seeing her. He asks where did you go these days? She replies I didn’t think I will see u again. I thought I will die without seeing you. Then they hears the sound of someone’s coming. He asks her to leave.

Before Mrinal gains her conscious, Sulochana explains to African men about Rani Mrinal. She also tells them, it was she who paid money for their African men earlier, also send their corpse to Africa with great honor. And her what i can do for you. As Mrinal wakes up she sees Sulochana and other African men around her. African leader asks Mrinal apologies. Mrinal asks the leader, I need some proficient, who are garnered with every skill. Then the leader asks them to follow him. He takes them to place, where Mrinal see big African men, who are 10 times huge than human being. She thinks this is right plan to defeat the prithvi vallabh.



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