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Prithvi Vallabh 21 January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update

Sony TV serial Prithvi Vallabh 21st January 2018 Written Update, Prithvi Vallabh Written Episode

Today’s (21.01.2018) Prithvi Vallabh episode starts with narrator says how until 10th century, bombs (explosives) were prohibited from being used in wars, but Bharat had to make stand its ground.

A few soldiers look to see a weapon and its turns out to be explosive and they die.

Mrinal asks her Guru Aditya and other royalties who is Prithvi Vallabh, which royal blood does he belong to? Tailap says he is a orphan and wonder what special qualities he would have, Mrinal says its our mistake we didn’t find out about Prithvi Vallabh.

She says Prithvi is the biggest barrier with between us and Singhdant and we have to finsih him first. She tells Guru Aditya to invite Bhilamraj to meet us. Tailap ask why him? She says we need a powerful ally to defeat Malwa.

Tailap says Bhilamraj is our freind but why will he aid us, whats the need? Mrinal says if there is no need then create one.

She instructs Sulochana to enquire about Prithvi Vallabh and says she wants to see his face.

In Malwa, Prithvi is with a man and apologize to him that he could save his wife, the man says please don’t morun for my wife as you have saved so many other lives.

Head of army of Malwa comes and tells everyone to stay where they are as they all are under arrest. Prithvi and head of army look at each other.

Sulochana and her men are burying the dead african soldiers, tailap tells her to inform the other that they will not get the mudra (money) as they were promised. Mrinal comes and says they will get what they were promised. Tailpa says they lost in the battle and nor have they got us any wealth. She asks him how may battles have you fought so far, he says 12, she asks how may you lost with out me, he says 7, she says i have not stopped considering you my brother, then why should be back out for what we promised, Tailap says how can you compare me with these men, she says in battlefield there is no king and servant, all are warriors and a promise should always be kept, these men die for us, we have to honour our words. He says they are just rented soldiers, what will we say to Raj parishad, she says you are the king, you don’t have to be answerable to Raj parishad. She says its my dream, what Sikander could not do, my brother do, please arrange to give these men their money.

Malwas’s head of army is upset with prithvi that malwa was in big trouble and he didn’t even inform him. prithvi says the time i found out the information, i thought you sleep would be disturbed, Malwa head of army and Prithvi’s guru is more upset, Prithvi says to tell you the truth i wanted to know if the information was really true and by the time i could tell you, we were already attacked, his Guru asks what if you would have lost, he says how would i, as i am your student, Malwas’s head of army asks Prithvi, why did you let the enemy go, who told you, prithvi says his friend Rasnidhi, prithvi’s friend is scared as hea dof army walks to him, Guru (head of army) says i don;t understand why doe prithvi has a poet like you by your side, you cannot win a war with words, Guru shradhanand says prithvi i can get fooled by you as i love you, i just don’t want to pay a big prize for it some day.

He aks who had sent those soldiers, Prithvi says Manyakhet, Guru (head of army) is shocked.

Sulochana gets Prithvi Vallabh’s sketch ready and informs mrinal who is restless. mrinal goes to sketch and sees it with anger, she stabs sketch with knife, she is informed by her solider that Mahabali Bhilamraj has arrived, they are waiting for you, Tailap greets and welcome Mahabali Bhilamraj, Mahabali Bhilamraj ‘s wife taunts Taipals’ wife that your husband you have free time for you as Mrinal is the who is taking care of the kingdom, Taipla’s wife says, Mrinal is elder one hence she supports tailap, Tailap’w wife asks where is their daughter Vilas, Vilas makes an entry, Vilas is Tailap’s wife neice, Vilas asks for Mrinal, Tailpa’s wife says why you are not interested to meet us, Vilas says i am just curious to see a warrior like her, she says i have heard that she is a better warrioir then men, Mrinal enters and says i too want to meet you Vilas.

Prithvi is giving bath to his father, his father asks when will you marry as many princess are waiting for you marriage proposal, he says now i have no time, his father says tell me truth what is the reason for delay, prithvi gives me promise not to ask more.

Mrinal meets Vilas and gives her bangle to Vilas, Vilas says i will get elder and be just like you, she says so much about you you are sweet and yet strong, you are a amrit for your own people, Mrinal says you father is my ideal and she praises Mahabali Bhilamraj , he also praises Mrinal, She says ruler should be one who is brave and sanskari, you have both.

She tells Bhilam’s wife to get comfortable and tells Bhilamraj that she has to talk something important. they talk alone, Mrinal tells Bhilam that soon Tailap’s son Satyahsree will come back and she want to get him married, she says i want Vilas and Satyashree to get married, Bhilam agrees and says i would be happy to see Vilas as queen of Manyakhet. She says we wants to spend time with Vilas, hence we wnat her to stay with us for some time. He agrees, she says i wnat your daughter and your talwar, he agress to be Manyakhet’s ally, he asks who is your enemy, she says Malwa Singhdant. He says there is a way but it is against rules of ar, she says there is no rule left, she says Singdhant had killed by entire family in one night, there is nothing right or wrong, he informs her that some time back, his men had found some foreign men in his region and they where hiding with some weapon which turned out to be explosives. His men died. He held those foreign men captive and found out about their explosive weapon (cannon), he says this weapon have come from Chin (china), but he says that these men can make explosives that can destroy the entire kingdom., she says i want to see these weapons.

Prithvi is playing musical instrument and is lost in music, his poet friend is happy to hear Prithvi’s music and praises him, he tells prithvi at times i feel you don’t belong to this world, this kingdom, Prithvis says where will i go, i love this life, up and down in life, his friend says then you should marry also to experience all in life, Prithvi says entire malva wants me to marry. Prithvi says marriage has no meaning unless you find your soulmate, he looks at a sculpture that looks like Mrinal but has no eyes, he looks at it and says the day i find eyes for my sculpture, i will be ready for marriage, he says i am looking for those eyes for so many years. he says i am looking for one who may have hatred in mind, but when i see her, i would be lost in her. His friend say this year in rang utsav i will have to look closely for these eyes.

Bhillam’s wife says Taipal’s wife, you may have felt bad of what i said earlier, but i havae told only what i have heard about Mrinal, she says i have no doubts on Tailpa’s abilities, Tailap’s wife says when i was marrying tailap i thought i would be queen, but i did not know i was marrying a weak person who is dancing on tunes of his sister, Bhilam’s wife informs her that Mrinal wants Vilas and Satyashree to get married, tailap’s wife is shocked, Bhillam’s wife says i was also shocked like you as you are Satyashree’s parents but mrinal is taking decision for you son, Tailap’s wife asks when did this happen, Bhilam’s wife says today only Mrinal proposed for this marriage.

BHilam’s wife also asks Tailpa’s wife that i have heard that around the banks of river Godavari, there is a brothel and a a woman dancer called Kosha, she hints taipal, but tailpa’s wife stops her and says its rumour, she says i have heard the name first time and waht is tailpa’s connection with her, Bhilam says i didn’t take Tailap’s name, Tailpa’s wife, tell Bhilam’s wife to go and rest as its late in night.

Tailap hides his face in a shawl and enters the brothel. he enters Kosha’s room, Kosha is sitting on bed showing her back, Tailap walks towards her, there is a coal burning between bed and him, she says beautiful words for him while walking on the coal, he stops her, she walks on coal, she says to take her in his arms, he tells her what is this madness, she says this madness is my reason to live, you should come here, as it gives me reason to live, he says sorry.

next morning, Tailap gets up on Kosha’s bed, and looks at her, she smiles, she does his aarti and puts tilak, she says¬† i don;t get to see you face so often after a long time i am seeing my god (tailap), she says i had been to temple to thank god, to send my god to meet me and for your well being, she says i prayed that you come to meet me and never go. he says its time for you to start waiting again as it look like day time is not your friend, she says i not day time, but night time i have my rule on you, she says i can’t bear the darkness of your absence, he says i have leave now. she says my destiny is to wait for you and love you.

Malwa head of army informs Malwa king that Mrinal of Manyakhet had sent the army of african soldiers, Singhdant recollects the past of killing Mrinal;’s parents, Malwa head of army informs about Mrinal’s brother Tailap and how they both what to rule South of India. A royal from Malwa Mahakaay blames prithvi that he should have informed about the attack, another royalty says Prithvi is still not a king, and he has taken decision for kingdom and put us at risk, hence he should say sorry to us, Prithvi throws a big plate towards Mahakaay and shouts at him, Mahakaay stops the plate with his weapon and saves him, Singdnat and everyone is shocked. He asks Prithvi what is this madness, Prithvi says you took out your weapon in this meeting, this is also a sin in our eyes, prithvi makes his point of his decision making, his guru and poet friend smiles. Prithvi says if i would have ran to inform head of army, by then malwa would have been attacked.

Prithvi’s guru suggest not to have the annual ran ustsav as it is not good from security point of view, Singdant says we should check with Rasnidhi (Prithvi’s friend) as he is head of Rang Utsav, Ras Nidhi says other counties like Olympia and Syira look forward to our event, Prithvi says Ras Nidhi is right, MahaKay says what if something goes wrong, prithvi says then i will resign as Head of army, Prithvi;s father decides to have the rang utsav which will happen in next three days.

Singdant recollects young Mrinal’s eyes full of hatred and shares with his wife, he says it is not nice.

Mrinal tests the explosives with tailap and Bhilam, she asks these men how soon can they make explosives good enough to destroy entire kingdom and how much time, bhilam says three days, she says good, give them all the wealth they want and get ready for our departure to Malwa.

Singdant says my deed will come as curse for Malwa (remembering Mrinal’s hatred).

Mrinals says i will myself destroy malwa’s name from world map. Malwa will see it end.


Prithvi fights with someone who plans to attack Malwa.

Mirnal comes to Malwa, Prithvi is lost in Mrinal’s eyes as he sees her for the first time in rang utsav.

Prithvi Vallabh 20th January 2018 Written Episode, First Episode Written Update

Prithvi Vallabh Review: Fans reactions after watching the first episode

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Prithvi Vallabh Review: Fans reactions after watching the first episode

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