Prithvi Vallabh latest news – Jakkala to seek revenge from Kosha ahead

Sony TV Prithvi Vallabh story update and upcoming twists….

The makers of Sony TV’s magnun, opus Prithvi vallabh have managed to grab the attention of the viewers with its powerful stellar star cast and interesting story line. The show has received a lot of appreciation from the audiences.

So far, we have seen that during the rang Utsav in Malwa, Prithvi (Ashish Sharma) meets Mrinal (Sonarika Bhadoria) and he is mesmerized by her baeauty and her eyes. In order to find Singhdant and kill him, Mrinal befriends Prithvi who takes her to Kala Bhawan where she is forced to play the veena (musical instrument). She recollects her childhood pain where her parents were killed by Prithvi’s father Singhdant. Prithvi too realizes the pain in her music as she plays the veena.

After getting entry into the palace, Mrinal’s spies kill the soldiers of Malwa and she heads to kill Singhdant. Mrinal is about to kill Singhdant but Prithvi (Ashish Sharma) rescues her.

Now, in the upcoming episodes of Prithvi Vallabh, it would be seen that Prithvi will chase Mrinal but finally she will escape. After returning Malwa, Prithvi will realize the extent of devastation created by Mrinal. Royal Misnister would blame him and he would accept his mistake after which the royalties will asked Prithvi to banish from Malwa.

Furthermore, Mrinal will learn about Tailaps (Jitin Gulati) affair from Jakkala (Piyali Munshi), she will permit Jakkala to do whatever she feels right with Kosha (Divyanganaa Jain). Jakkala will invite Kosha in the palace to dance in front of everyone to exact her revenge.

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