Prithvi Vallabh Written Episode 04 March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update

Sony TV serial Prithvi Vallabh Written Update 04th March 2018, Prithvi Vallabh Written Episode Full Update

Today’s (04.03.2018) Prithvi Vallabh episode starts with Muni Raj and his men chasing a masked man, who sneezes Mrinal from them. Yes, what you might be thinking is true, it’s none other than Prithvi. He dons decoit outfits and covers his face with a cloth. 

Then they reach a wrecked fort, where they were followed by Muni Raj’s men. Firstly, he hides Mrinal at a place and then attacks them discretely. Muni Raj, somehow, finds Mrinal’s location. Initially, he stretches his hands around Mrinal’s neck to kill her, but his lascivious mind compels him to pull off Mrinal clothes.

That’s when Prithvi reaches there, kicks him off from her. He sees distorted clothes of Mrinal and realizes his lewd act. Fierce Prithvi opens his mask and cut off his hand to the wrist.

Then he takes her to a safe place, under the cave. Prithvi prepares some medicines for her.

Kosha says to her Mausi, It was better in the pothole where he, Tailap, promptly come to see me, here nothing is there except waiting. Mausi says Tailap raj ki Jai, on seeing him. Tailap comes to her and asks her apology.

Prithvi looks at giant humans as one of them walks towards him……….He runs back on his horse and asks his soldiers to go back to Palace fast. Kalari asks what you are saying? Prithvi says if we fight then our soldiers will die. They open the palace door and makes all soldiers get inside. Prithvi tells Kalari that shall kill the giant human walking towards them with a bomb. They succeed in killing him. Mrinal says Prithvi Vallabh is playing a new trick, we have to make new tactic and attack. They return.

Lakshmi tells Jakala that Mrinal will take sainyas from politics after winning Malwa. Jakala asks if this is possible. Lakshmi says if Tailap and Guru Aditya asks then she has to agree.
Prithvi tells his team that Maha Manav is strong, but don’t know how to use mind. He says we have no explosives now and 4 Maha Manav to fight. Mrinal says Malwa has explosives, Prithvi might have realized by now about the weakness of giant humans. Mrinal says they have used our tactics against us. Prithvi says giant humans have angry behavior which will go against them. He says we have to find some tactics to handle the giant humans. Sindhu asks how to kill them. Sulochana says it is difficult to kill these giant humans. Mrinal says we have to keep the giant humans away from the explosives place. Sindhu asks Prithvi shall we take our neighboring places help. Prithvi says it is not needed and asks him to handle Kalari’s work for tonight, and says he needs him tonight. He says he will think of an idea to handle them. Mrinal makes a plan to attack Malwa. Bhoj says the sun will set for Manyakheta. Mrinal tells that Malwa will lose. A messenger comes to Guru Aditya and says the weather is bad.

Kosha comes to Tailap and asks him to come with her. The giant humans have meat and wine in big quantities. Prithvi and Bhoj are coming there. The giant humans look at Prithvi angrily. Prithvi signs giants to come to him. Mrinal says it is Prithvi’s trick to handle them. She says she will follow them and asks Sulochana to attack Malwa if she doesn’t return.

Jakala drinks wine and asks Dasi where is Maharaj Tailap. Dasi says he went out, but don’t know where? Jakala asks her to go and thinks where did he go out in the night, now Kosha is also not here.

Kosha brings Tailap to Cave. Mausi greets Tailap. Tailap looks at the Cave. Kosha says we are hiding here since Kotha is burnt. She says she didn’t tell him due to Mausi’s promise. Mausi says I would have died if being alone, and tells that Kosha didn’t let her die. She says how to make her understand that Palace is not meant for her. Tailap asks if she doubts someone. Mausi says she heard people telling that someone from the palace has burnt the Kotha.


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