Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 08 November 2017 Written Episode, RLHN Written Update

Sony TV serial Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya Written Update 08th November 2017, RLHN 08 November 2017 Written Episode

Today’s (08.11.22017) Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya Written Episode (Written Update) starts with Diya exercises jumping on rope and reminiscing Maan’s promise to protect Ratan as he cannot trust anyone else except her, his family members are behind his wealth and want to kill Ratan. Diya says she is alive because he saved her and she will respect his promise. She takes sword from him and promises that she will become Ratan’s pehredar/protector. Yash walks in. Diya asks if drummer and assassin spoke who sent them. Yash says not yet. Diya says time to bring Ratan is nearing and they have to find out culprits soon.

In UK, Ratan walks holding his bag and looking at his locker says Mr India/Diya always sent him gifts and advices, but never met him, he does not know how he/she looks like and promised to call him back to Surajgarh soon, never mind he is coming to India now. Diya in India reminisces Maan’s words that he sent Ratan to UK to protect him from his own evil family and she should protect him always. Out of flashback, Diya thinks she will always keep Maan’s promise. She looks at family pic and thinks who must be among them who wants to harm Ratan and looking at sky asks Maan to give her energy to protect Ratan.

Yash gets ready for night duty. Priya asks if he is on night duty again. He says she knows everything, even then she asks everytime. She says they have such a big family business, even then he is doing police duty and asks why he is like normal kids who enjoy a lot and have girlfriends. Yash says he is self-made like his mother and is learning her moral values. He says he does not like this month sadly looking at Maan and says if he was there at that time, he would not have let tauji Maan die and Diya would not have to sacrifice her 12 years. Priya says Diya has done a lot for their family and asks him to give her love to Diya. He says yes.

Diya goes to her room and keeps her tab in locker. Yash enters greeting her and says she is staying in this room alone since 12 years, does not she get afraid. She says when a friend like him is present, why she should worry. He asks how is Ratan. She says fine. He says once Ratan comes back, she is free. Diya says Babjisa Maan’s blood runs in Ratan’s veins and he is responsible like Babjisa. He asks what will she do after freeing herself. She says there are lots of plans…like.. He asks like… She sits silently. He shows her fiance Abhay’s letters and says he is still waiting for her. Diya reminisces Babji asking her to break her engagement with Abhay Kumar and give her 12 years for Ratan’s protection. Diya removes hr engagement ring and says she will not marry Abhay and will live her 12 years of life only to protect Ratan and will take up responsibility until Ratan turns 21 and take up is responsibility. Out of flashback, Yash says he knows Diya kept Babjisas promise and sacrificed her 12 years of life, even Abhay sacrificed 12 years with him and it is time for her to open Abhay’s letters and read. He reminds Ratan wrote his and her wedding card on plain paper, it is time to print it really. She laughs and says let Ratan come back first. He walks saying good night and says when she and Abhay will marry, he will come to her house for tea every week and asks if she forgot preparing tea. Servant brings tea. She says she herself will prepare tea and prepares it, but it tastes bad. Yash watches standing and leaves smiling. Diya sadly thinks she is handling such a big business but cannot prepare tea.

Chote Thakur Bhuvan starts brainwashing CT against Diya and says Shatrani snatched Ratan from her and took away power from her and troubled her so much, will she not do anything to Diya. Looking at Diya’s room, CT says she tried a lot but could not harm Diya. She continues looking at Diya’s room whole night. Bhuvan asks her to sleep now as she did not sleep since 12 years. Diya gets Ratans message that he is coming to India and flight landing in 30 minutes. He is surprised and hurriedly switches on light , changes her dress and runs out. CT notices from her room and walks down and sees Diya running out of palace, getting into her jeep, and leaving.

CT happily thinks she waited 12 years and now Diya cannot hide that Ratan is returning. CT then looks at her bangle and reminisces giving prasad to Diya and Diya getting inebriated. CT thinks Diya will reveal secret in inebriation and shakes Diya and asks to tel where Ratan, her motherhood is waiting for her child since 12 years. Diya says Ratan sa..pushes CT and pours water from a pot to get out of inebriation. CT pulls her. Diya holds her hand and warns even she knows if anyone will know apart from her where Ratan is, Ratan’s life will be in danger, then why she shows her fake motherhood. She continue that today she ate prasad and from hereon she will not even drink water from her hand and angrily presses her bangles breaking them. Out of flashback, CT goes to Priya’s room and asks to give locker keys as she needs silver thali. Priya asks what happened. CT says Ratan is coming and she wants to make arrangements to greet him. Priya is surprised. CT says she saw Diya going out at this time and is sure Ratan is coming. Priya asks her to go while she brings keys. Once CT leaves, she angrily calls her aide and asks to find out where Diya is going as she thinks Ratan is coming and if Ratan is coming, he should be greeted with blood holi and Diya should not save him. She shouts Diya saved Ratan many times, but not now as she is much ahead than Diya.

Precap: Diya searches Ratan in airport. Diya sees Priya’s goon. Ratan introduces himself. Diya takes him in jeep and then changes direction into desert where Priya’s goons follow her.



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