Home TV Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 02 September 2017 Written Episode RKC Written Update

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 02 September 2017 Written Episode RKC Written Update

Star Plus serial Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 02nd  September 2017 Written Update, Rishton Ka Chakravyuh Written Update 02 September 2017

Today’s (02.09.2017) Rishton Ka Chakravyuh episode starts with Baldev tells Satrupa that his girl is jungli, she can do anything, today she got fainted, god knows what she will do, please let her go from this house. I am already dealing with lot of things. Gayatri dadi comes and tells him that Anami will not go from this house until Satrupa proves her truth.

Satrupa calls Adhiraj. He says i wonder why would you call me today. She tells that people think i am Lal mahal Bahu, a successful woman, but today i am talking to you as a mother. She adds that that your are at a position where lot of things are easier for you and i am also at a position to make your life comfortable like giving you a VIP questers instead of your cheap quarters.

Adhitaj gets a call where a guy tells that he has proof for Vatsalya’s case. He demands 1 lakh rs. in exchange for the proof. Adhiraj says if your proof turns out to be useless then i will not leave you. Satrupa tells Adhiraj to request for DNA test reports so finally she can answer questions of all the people who are raising questions about her and her daughter. Adhiraj says i know how to handle this case. Leela tells adiraj that there is some important work. Satrupa tells him your are able officer, you should make good friends for your work sake, if you ever need our help, let us know.

Adhiraj jeep breakdowns. he sees Anami in the garden and whistle. He asks for water. She also whistles back and tells him to take it on his own. He tells her that you have a lot of attitude. She says i have attitude of being me unlike you who is looks one person but in reality is someone else. She says you think i am doing fake drama of being the grand daughter of this Lal Mahal to get their wealth, but someday when i get a chance i will run away from here. Now, you came for water, go and take from there, i want to sleep.

Adhiraj tells leela who is Anami, she could be innocent or a pyscho. leela says that this girl is a fraud. He looks at Anami once gain before leaving. Adhiraj tells hi senior that Satrupa wants DNA tests. He says Satrupa might want to use me for her hidden intentions. He also says Anami is against Satrupa, may be Satrupa is forcing her by blackmailing her. Her life is in danger, we would get DNA tests done so we can send her back to her home. Leela tells Adhiraj that she thinks that Anami is imposter. The guy with proofs again calls him and tell him to meet tomorrow at the highway.

Anami is talking to Poonam that she it is difficult to stay without her Pandit and Panditayin. She shares about her meeting with Adhiraj. Poonam asks why do you call her Pagli panditayin, Anami says she is crazy but she loves me and she would fight with entire Banras for me. They are having problems to put mosquito net around the tree where she is sleeping. Narottam comes and helps her. She says you have done good work, he says dadi has sent medicines for you, please have, she says whose dadi, he says your, she says i am in no mood to eat medicine. He says if you don’t have medicine, then i will get beatings. She says why everyone is being coerced to do work here. She asks who are you in this lal mahal ka mahabharat, what is your relations. narottam says i was very small when i had come here, everyone is very nice they love me, but some time they also scold me.

Poonam says he was lying as no one loves him as he only gets beaten up. She says he is Baldev’s son from another woman, Satrupa does not accept him, hence he gets no love in this house. Dadi comes to see Anami in the night while she is sleeping, Anami did not have food, but she smiles looking at her sleep. satrupa sees Dadi and smiles seeing is accepting Anami. Satrupa goes towards Anami and stares at her with love while Anami is sleeping.



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