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Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 14 August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update

Star Plus serial Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 14th August 2017 Written Update, Charvayuh Written Update 14 August 2017

Today’s Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 14.08.2017 episode featuring Anami (Mahima Makwana) and Satrupa (Narayani Shahti) starts with Satrupa is about to stop her but the lady (who took away Anami) stops her. She says what do i do by staying alive. She is crying terribly. The lady says you have live for Vatsalya. Your son used to believe in living life to fullest. He cannot see his mother in such a state. She asks why did he have to go so soon. What should i do. Lady says don’ do anything, calm down.

Press makes noise outside. The lady informs Satrupa that press is making scene of you son’s death. Don’t let anyone take advantage of your son’s death. Press is worried who will be the owner of Rs. 10 crore empire of the Singh family.

Adhiraj sens his employee as a cop in between the media people, Adhiraj says Singh family is in a big mess. Punjan Singh addrsses the press not to make scene for sake of their breaking news and let the family mourn in peace. he hints one of his men in the crowd. He gets the hint and leaves.

The guy meets Punjan alone and tries to talk to him. Punjan tells him that he had warned him not to meet and tells him not to show his face. Punjan gets a call and tells a guy to keep Vatsaly’s death news running 24&7. He says makes sure to ask question about who will be the leag leir of Singh business. The man tells Punjan about his problem. Punjan gets tensed.

Adhiraj’s cop lady (dressed as reported) puts GPS tracker in all the cars outside Singh house.

In Banaras, a pandit is giving prediction to a man about his good future. He asks for more gurdakshina (money). Anami tells Pandit of you are God, they produce gold instead of doing this scheme. She tells Pandit, your time is very bad. She squeezes a lemon and says this is his bad time not blood. She slowly exposes all his tricks and tells people that this Pandit has only used some tricks with lemon and coconut. The people get angry and are about to beat him up. She tells the crowd not to kill the Pandit but the blind faith you have in your minds. She talks about her institution against superstitions and blind faith. The Pandit gets furious and tells his man to make sure this girl is now alive.

Punjan tells Guruji that press is asking about the new owner about the business, Guruji says this is not time to take decision. Dadaji says what can be done Baldev cannot be the owner. Who will be our waaris. Punjan suggests Avadhut’s says. Dadajis says Avadhut is not our Waaris. You are cousin uncle. We never had someone out of our khaandaan as waaris. He says as per the will, Baldev and Satrupa’s sone can be the owner, Hence they will have to adopt Avadhut but you will have to sacrifice you only son.

Anami and her brother are on a bike and get surrounded by some goons. They circle her and stare at her. She says you will tells ome dialoud and then i will answer you back. She says lets come to the point, will you give me way laat se or Baat se. A goon says you will not be alive to go anywhere.

Baldev is thinking something. Dadaji comes and tells him losing a son is a biggest pain. Dadaji says i don’ know how should i say what i want to tell you. He says the buisness and this empire can be saved if you adopt Avadhut, Baldev is shocked.

Anami tells the goon to hurry up with their action as she has to take care of them.

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 15th August 2017 Precap:

Guruji tells Satrupa that you had given birth to a girl along with Vatsalya. He says go fight for the rights of your daughter, go and bring back your daughter.

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