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Rishton Ka Chakravyuh Review – The show is a definite watch…

Star Plus new show Rishton Ka Chakravyuh featuring Mahima Makwana (Anami) and Narayani Shastri (Satrupa) is the saga of the modern day Mahabharat on TV

The very first episode of Rishton Ka Chakravyuh (produced by  Sanjot Kaur and Bhupinder Singh) managed to grab the attention of its viewers by giving us the glimpse into what it is all about. The story is about the reunion of Anami (Mahima Makwana) and her mother Satrupa (Narayani Shastri) and the love-hate relationship that follows…

Story So far….

A new born baby girl is taken away from her mother (Satrupa) just after birth unknown to the latter. While the reason behind it is unknown, she gets raised as a feisty rebellious no-nonsense young girl  (Anami) in a priest’s family with a deep-rooted hatred against her mother, who is unaware about her existence.

Meanwhile, in the house (Lal House) Anami’s family celebrate the birth of a boy and we see Anami’s grandfather name the child Vatsalya Vikram Singh. People chant the name in unison when a man makes an entry, congratulating the birth of a boy. The man then plays the dhol (wooden drum) cheering the name of the new-born boy.

17 years later, Anami is happy with foster family consisting of Murari Pandit, his wife Madhu and her little brother Laddoo. However, Anami has hatred for her real mother who had abandoned after her birth and she wishes Madhu should have been her mother by birth.

In the Singh Family, Aditya Singh takes the mic and starts to announce the heir to his business when Vatsalya’s uncle arrives with his family who is hopeful of hearing his name as the heir. But his dreams are shattered when Aditya Singh declares that Vatsalya will be the person taking charge of the business empire. Aditya then informs his family that they will all leave for Benaras to perform a puja the next day. In Banaras, Vataslay’s gets attacked by the goons which are sent by Vatsalya’s uncle. However, Anami saves Vatsalya. They are unaware of their relationship and yet they share a sister-brother bond.

In the last episodes, we saw Vatsalya runs away from his house after revolting against his mother’s decision to keep him house arrested. His enemies take advantage of the opportunity and kill him in a car accident. Vatalsaya dies and the Lal Mahal mourns his death. Two new characters Sudha (Sangita Ghosh) and Adhiraj (Ankit Siwach) have been introduced. Sudha is a grey shaded character who would be illegitimate wife of Baldev (Ajay Chaudhary). He entry will bring more complications in the story. Ankit Siwach aka Adhiraj is a cop who would come to Lal Mahal to investigate Vatsalaya’s accident case.

The future development on the show looks very interesting.  Satrupa will soon find out that Anami is her daughter and pledge bring her home despite Anami’s resistance and hatred for her.


Rishton Ka Chakravyuh looks like a decent daily soap with a different storyline. The show has been shot on a grand scale with good sets, costumes and authentic locales. The sights of Varanasi were also nicely captured. The cast looks promising. Narayani Shastri and Praneet Bhatt look carved for their respective roles in the show.

Narayani Shastri towers over everyone as the decisive, loving yet astute Satarupa. A beautiful shade that comes out of Satrupa is the manner in which she becomes a ‘child’ when with her son, Vaatsalya (Devarshi Shah)!!  The scene where the two of them dance and sing to the number ‘O Mere Dil Ke Chein’ was indeed really sweet. At the same time, she is the dutiful ‘bahu’ to her in-laws, and gives them the due respect and can be a tough lady wo can go to any extent to save her son from her enemies.

The surprise package is Praneet Bhatt, who is superb as the villainous uncle who wants the wealth of the family to be inherited by his son and not Satarupa’s boy, Vatsalya. He comes as a cunning, greedy and negative brother of Baldev Vikram Singh does a great job.

Kudos to Mahima Makwana to take up this role. She’s bold and confident, yet in the very next second, looks weak and fragile when the very thought of her birth comes to the fore.  As Anami, Mahima packs a punch. She has the right mix of aggression and emotion that the character needs. Mahima brings in the right expressions as the calm and composed self, and also when she is burning with anger. (Also See:  Chakravyuh: Mahima Makwana talk about her character as Anami)

The one thing that will work in favour of the show is the level of curiosity and deceptiveness that every character in the show brings to the table.

Final Verdict:

With all the unpredictability factors related to characters, Rishton Ka Chakravyuh will only weave its mystery-laden charm in the minds of viewers. A core story of troubled mother-daughter relationship, good cast and so far, decent writing makes its a MUST watch! We hope the makers continue to keep the intrigue going with the story telling and don’t indulge on over-the-top drama.

Have you seen Rishton Ka Chakravyuh? What are your views about the show? Leave your comments sections below.


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