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Rishton Ka Chakravyuh story update – Sangita Ghosh, Ankita Siwach make an entry

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh latest news – Sangita Ghosh to essay role of Sudha while Anika Siwach to play Adhiraj

Star Plus plus newly launched show Rishton Ka Chakravyuh (Rolling Pictures) has already grabbed the attention of the viewers with is gripping story line and powerful star cast.

So far, viewers have seen that Anami (essayed by Mahima Makwana) who is born in a royal family in Banaras, is separated from her mother Starupa (Narayani Shastri)and twin brother at the time of her birth. The reason for for the same is yet to be known. Anami is adopted by Pandit Murari Pathak (Mohit Chauhan). Anami considers Murari and his wife as her parents and hates the fact that her mother had abandoned her at the time of birth. Anami has a little brother Ladoo aka Lakshya, son of Murari and Madhu (Lubna Salim).

17 years later, Anami’s twin brother Vatsalya (Devarshi Shah) becomes the legal heir of the Singh business. However, his Chacha Pujan Singh (Praneet Bhatt) is not happy with the decision taken by his father and has been trying hard to kill Vatsalya in order to be takeover the ownership of his family business. Satrupa loves her son a lot and is aware that her son’s life is in danger.

The family goes to banaras for small ceremony for Vatslaya’s Padgi Rasam (ritual to for ownership of business). Vatsalya and Anami who are unaware of being brother and sister are already seen to have a good bond. Vatsalya considers her sister and shares his feelings of not getting the freedom in his life. Anami too shares her hatred for her mother who left her at the time of birth. Two men try to attack Vatsalya and kill him by drowning him in the water. But Anami and Vatsalya’s body guard save him.

Satrupa gets more tensed about her son and order him not to go anywhere. Vatsalay is unhappy with the decision. Pujan Singh instigates him to run away from the house. Vatsalya manages to run away but his body guard finds him and puts him in a car on his way back home. Vatsalya and satrupa are talking over the phone. Punjan’s goon who are in a huge truck bump into Vatsalya’s car and he meets with a fatal accident. Satraupa is shocked. Vatsalya dies.

Satrupa and the family mourns for Vatsalya’s death. Anami too sense something is wrong when the rudraksha mala gifted by Vatsalya breaks.

While the family mourns the death, Sudha (Sangita Ghosh) makes an entry in the show. She is seen in a grey shaded character as she seems to be happy with Lal Mahal being in sorrow. At the same time, Actor Ankit Siwach makes a dashing entry as a police inspector who is assigned the case to investigate Vatsalya’s accident case.

Now, in the coming episodes viewers will have to gear up for more twists and revelations… It would be interesting to see what is Sudha’ relationship with Singh Family? How will Satrupa find out Anami is her daughter?

Keep reading this space for latest news and updates of Rishton Ka Chakravyuh.

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