Home TV Roop 28 May 2018 Written Episode, First Episode Written Update

Roop 28 May 2018 Written Episode, First Episode Written Update

Colors serial Roop Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 28th May 2018 Written Update, Roop First Episode Written Update, Roop serial 1st episode written update

Today’s (28.05.2018) Roop serial episode starts with Baap ji (Yash Tonk) gets up early in the morning, his wife Kamla (Mitali Nag) is tensed when she finds out from her daughter that her husband is awake, she and her daughter gets hot water for bath, towel and other stuff for bathing ready.

They greet him Jai Ambe. Hi daughter gives him water to rinse water, he says don’t teach me, i am you father, he tells her to call Roop.

Roop (Afaan Khan) is in the kitchen making tea.

Baapji’s elder daughter greets him in the morning, he says i want to see my son Roop wish me.

Roop’s sisters and his mum tell him that you father is looking for you. His mum says i will finish the tea, you go and see you father, Roop instructs his mum with tea making tips, he then rushes, taking his elder sister’s dupatta and she goes behind him.  He yells at his wife and three daughters that how could you let you brother/son run like that, what if he gets hurt.

He tells his wife you gave birth to girls and i have given birth to my son, now go and get breakfast ready.

he asks his daughter to tell Roop’s full name. They says Rupendra Singh bagela. Don’t call him Roop, this is giel’s name, He asks his daughter to says their mum’s name, they say Kamla, he says her real name is Kamlesh Kumari as her father also wanted a boy child and they had a girl. He says to address Roop as Rupendra from now onwards.

baap Ji tells his youngest daughter to read newspaper to him, she says i have a test, he says like you have to become a big doctor or something, read the paper to me. She reads out the paper while Baap ji is taking a bath.

Roop reminds his father that today he will get award from police, his father curses that all stories about bad people is on first page of newspaper while his ward story is on the 8th page.

Baap Ji gets ready to go to police station, Baaji’s mother does tilak for Roop and Baap Ji. She tells them to have breakfast as Kamla and her daughters serve him. Baap ji’s mother says informs him that their new house will be ready soon, Roops asks why new home, he says this is government house, we will shift to our own house, he tells him i will get sweets for you when i come back.

he tells his wife to get his trophy cupboard clean and ready before he comes back home.

He yells his younger daughter Kinjal for not taking care of Roop’s toys, she says Roop did it, he says he is a boy, he can do it, you are a girl, you should take care of things, he gives him gun and says you are a boy, you should be playing with gun.

Baap ji leaves, Rop says i don’t like to play with guns, Kamla tells him never to say this in front of his father.

At the award function, it is announced that a female police officer will facilitate the capable officers. Kamla’s mother in law tells her to do preparation for lunch, she gives gun to roop to play with while she tells Kinjal not bother them.

Baapji aka Shamsher’s name is announced for the award, the lady cop giving him the award stares at him while giving him the medal, she congratulates him, while he does not shake his hands, she is upset with his arrogance, he hands over the trophy to him.

Shamsher’s senior tell him salute the senior lady cop.

Shamsher’s mom boasts about her son to the villagers. Roop is playing village girls.

Shamsher’s senior asks him to salute SP (lady officer). he says i don’t salute ladies. He says i can’t compromise with my principals. Sp says in that case, you will be suspended and you trophy will be taken back, he says Durga Devi Ji, i am not scared of anyone, you can suspend me, i don’t care. She says then you are being suspended for your indiscipline.

Back at home, Kamla and her elder daughters are tidying up the house.

Baap JI’s mother finds out that Roop is playing with the girls, she says you father is getting award for his mardangi, she says you can’t play with girls, you should not play like girls. She takes him away from the girls.

Shamesher’s mom is waiting with bands wale to welcome him. Shamsher gives away his award and medal, all the other police cops who got award get up and are shocked to see his court martial. Shamsher walks away from the function, his mother is excited to welcome her son.

Roop’s daughter asks her that all day you do so much work and in evening you get ready for baap ji, but he does not even look at you, Kamla says i have seen this right from my child hood that my mum used to get ready for her spouse. Her daughter says i don’t get all of this, she says when you get married, you will.

Shamsher enters the village, everyone is cheering for him and band wale play music, his family is waiting for him at the door to welcome him, he says to stop all of this celebration. 

Kinjal and Roop go to Shamsher. Shamsher slaps a man who is celebrating for him. he yells and says i told you all to sstop.

His mum asks him what happened, he says i have got suspended.

Cops asks Sp Durga how can Shamsher insult him, she says i don’t worry about my insult, but i am worried about his perspective about women.

Shamsher tells him mum how he got suspended for not saluting a woman, SP Durga says Shamsher is a arrogant and uneducated. She says unless he says sorry in public and assures that he will respect women, he will remain suspended, Shamsher says i will never salute that woman come what may.  He starts celebrating saying that he has shown a woman her right place and will not bend in front of her.

Roop 29 May 2018 Episode Precap:

Roop puts oa dupatta, Shamsher ells at his wife and daughters, he gets him dressed with a moustache and turban.

Later a birthday party, Roop’s friend tells how Roop won a competition to put thread in a needle, Shamsher’s friend taunts him that you son is doing girly things, he slaps the fellow. 


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