Sanjivani 2 03 December 2019 update: Sid finds out Asha’s ugly truth

Sanjivani 2 latest news and upcoming twists

Here’s what will happen in the coming episode of Sanjivani 2 on Star Plus. Sid doubts Asha and they get into argument. He tells her that every time she cannot bring Ishani between them as he sis not cheating her and she should be supporting him as his wife during his difficult times.

Asha meets Vardaan and tells him that she cannot betray Sid anymore. he laughs at her emotions for Sid but warns her to focus on her career else he would fire her from her job. Asha gets helpless.

Juhi talks to Shashank about the mysterious notes talking about his past crimes. She thinks that someone is trying to destroy his image. Shashank gets upset knowing about the secret notes and tells her not to believe on such nonsense. He thinks to find out about this mysterious enemy.

Sid and Ishani have a moment as they help a little girl and they share their stress about Asha. They talk about one sided love. Ishani tells him that she cannot forgive him for breaking her heart. He asks her to forgive her. Sid decides to gets his doubts on Asha confirmed and makes a plan with Rahil.

Later, Rahil fakes to have an heart attack and faints down. Sid takes him to the ICU and treats Rahil with help of Asha. Ishani stays away from Sid and Asha. Vardaan thinks to use the opportunity to destroy Sid by risking rahil’s life and proving Sid to be a worst friend. He forces Asha to harm Rahil to destroy Sid. Asha refuses to do but gets helpless. She injects wrong drugs to Rahil but Sid stops her as he catches her red-handed. He blasts at her for betraying him and humiliates her in front of all. Rahil informs Ishani that Asha is exposed by Sid. Vardaan gets tensed that he will get exposed too. He supports Sid and scolds Asha. Is it a dream sequence or Asha is really exposed? We will have to wait and watch!

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