Sanjivani 2 06 September 2019 Update: Ishani slaps Sid

Sanjivani 2 latest news: Vardhan puts Sid and Ishani against each other

Here’s what will happen in coming episodes of Sanjivani 2 serial on Star Plus. Vardaan creates misunderstandings between Dr. Sid (Namit Khanna) and Ishani (Surbhi Chandna). He wants to throw them out of Sanjivani as they had misbehaved with the trustee.

Vardaan fools Sid. He calls Ishani to his cabin for no reason and makes Sid believe that Ishani has once again filed a complaint against him. Vardaan gets upset with Sid for his mistakes that can damage Sanjivani’s image. He tells Sid that he will give him a big punishment which he will remember forever. He asks Sid that he can himself quit from the job by giving a personal reason. Sid is honest with his profession and wants to serve the people. He gets ready to accept the punishment. He blames Ishani for suffering a loss of pay.

Sid meets Ishani and takes out his anger on her. She tries to explain him she didn’t do anything against his career. However, Sid does not listen to her and leaves. Ishani tries to clear the misunderstanding between them.

Vardaan gets much happy seeing his plan work. He further plays a dirty trick and defames Ishani in the hospital re. he brings out the truth about her family background to everyone. He puts the posters all around the hospital. Everyone in the hospital find out that Ishani is the daughter of the famous fraud doctors Mr. and Mrs. Arora. Ishani’s parents were blamed for ruining many innocent lives by their wrong medical practices.

Ishani is shattered as she didn’t want her family’s truth to come out. She gets insulted by the staff. She worries about her career and doesn’t want her medical practice to end. Sid finds out about Ishani’s problem. He tries to support her but faces her wrath as Ishani blames him for ruining her image in the hospital. She accuses him of taking revenge on her.

Ishani goes to the terrace and cries as she recollects all of her bad memories of her childhood. She sees a bad dream where she is losing her job in Sanjivani and getting insulted. She is unable to work at hospital. Further, she refuses to work with Sid. Sid tries to defend himself. Ishani slaps him. The senior doctors condemn her behaviour. Ishani gets left with no option than to work with Sid.

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