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Sanjivani 2 22 August 2019 Written Update

Sanjivani 2 latest news and upcoming twists

Here’s what will happen in today’s episode of Sanjivani 2 on Star Plus. Dr. Sid takes help from the security guard in order to enter the hospital. Dr. Sid thanks the guard.

Vardaan tells Rishabh to send Saina away. Rishabh checks Sania and informs Vardhaan that Sania stable and can be sent out now. Ishani does not agree ans says that Sania needs medical treatment. Vardaan tells her that Sania is not innocent as she is a daughter of a terrorist.

Sid wants to perform Sania’s surgery. Rishabh and Vardaan tells Sid that he is suspended. Vardhan throws Sid out of the hospital again. Ishani opposes Vardhan to save Sania.

At the same time, Juhi and Anjali have an argument over another case. Anjali clears that she doesn’t like Juhi at all. Dr. Ishani looks for Dr. Sid. Rishabh asks Vardaan to throw Ishani out of the hospital too. But, Vardaan tells him that Ishani is from an influential family. He says that her uncle is a reputed doctor and they can’t upset him. Vardhan has another plan to use Ishani for his benefit. Dr. Ishani sees Dr. Sid treating Sania. She hides them from Vardaan. Sid tells Ishani that he can do anything to help people. Sid asks her why is she breaking the rules for Sania. Ishani says that Vardaan is breaking the rules of humanity.

Ishani tells Sid that they need to take Sania to the operation theatre. Sid says that Vardaan will not allow them to perform the surgery. Sid and Ishani take help from the same security guar to cover up Sania.

Shashank and Juhi find out that Vardaan had asked Sania to gout of the hospital as she is a terrorist’s daughter. Juhi tells Shashank that Sania was critical and required immediate medical attention. Shashank asks her if Sid has checked Sania. He is confident that if Sid was around, then Sid will save Sania’s life. Sid and Ishani find Shashank’s team in the operation theatre and get thankful to Shashank for sending the team in time to assist him. Sid tells Ishani that the team will help them in operating Sania.

Rishabh gets a video proof against Sid to trap him in a big problem. He leaks the video and blames Dr. Sid of helping the terrorist. Rishabh ruins Dr. Sid and Sanjivani’s image.

Keep reading this space for latest gossips and future story of Sanjivani 2.


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