Sanjivani 2 23 August 2019 Written Update

Sanjivani 2 latest news, Sanjivani Written Episode

Here’s what will happen in today’s episode of Sanjivani 2 on Star Plus. It would be seen that Rishabh tells Dr. Sid and Dr. Ishani that they cannot operate the terrorists daughter and break the hospital rules. However, Sid is determined to save Sania and Ishani too supports him in order to save an innocent girl. Sid gives a piece of mind to Rishabh and throws him out of surgery room. Rishabh makes a video and takes pictures of Sid and Ishani peforming surgery on Sania.

Vardhan does not want Dr. Shashank to survive from the brain tumor surgery. He wants to meet Rahul. He gets to know about Sania’s surgery when Rishabh uploads the video on social media. Vardhan gets much upset and goes to stop Sania’s surgery. Dr. Juhi stops him and tell him to let the surgery happen. Vardhan tells her to take care of other victims of the blast. Juhi tells him that they have to follow the ethics of the Sanjivani hospital. He asks her with rights is she stopping him. Juhi makes a big decision and accepts Dr. Shashank’s offer. She tells him that she is the Chief of Surgery as per Shashank’s order. She tells Vardhaan she has every right to stop him now. She questions him about lying to the media. Vardhan congratulates her and asks her to manage the chaos and the angry crowd at the hospital. The crowd create a lot of chaos and Juhi gets hurt.

Dr. Juhi talks to the media and tells them that Sania is being treated at their hospital. Ishani and Sid save Sania. Ishani gets lost in her past and thinks about her childhood when she had faced troubles because of her parents. She is happy that she got to save Sania. Juhi clarifies to the media that Sania is an injured patient to for the hospital who needed medical attention. She says that Sanjivani is not a court to decide who is guilty. Vardaan also tries to save his image and says that Sanjivani treats all the patients, as they values lives. Sid sees that Ishani is quite emotional. He comforts her and they have a moment. Ishani thanks Sid. Dr, Shashank is happy that Juhi has replaced him as Cheif of Surgery. Juhi tells him that Vardaan wants to change Sanjivani.

Shashank tells Juhi to stop Sid from getting fired. She tells him that she will convince Ishani to take her complaint back against Sid. Ishani gets to know that Sid is a great doctor and she should not destroy his career. Vardaan tells Ishani that she can get fired too if she supports Sid. He tells her to decide to give a statement against Sid in front of the board. Ishani meets a patient who is grateful for Sid’s help. Ishani meets Dr. Shashank who tells her that Dr Sid is a very honest doctor who is selflessly working for humanity.

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