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Sanjivani update: Dr Juhi entry, Vardhan finds Ishani’s truth

Sanjivani story so far and upcoming story

Star Plus new show Sanjivani, a medial drama, seems to be a promising show with its story line around the lives of doctors. The show has a stellar star cast popular actors like Surbhi Chandna, Namit Khanna, Mohnish Bahl, Gurdip Kohli, Rohit Roy and Sayantani Ghosh. And, we must say that their characters in the show has left quite an impression on the audiences.

In the first episode of Sanjivani 2, we have seen Dr. Sid (Namit Khanna) who is a third year resident doctor in Sanjivani hospital which is among the best hospitals in the city. He is seen helping poor people who are in need of medical aid even by bending rules or charging extra money from the rich to provide money for the needy patients. Dr. Shashank who is the CMO of Sanjivani, is seen as a man of ethic and principal and will be retiring soon from his position. Dr. Anjali (Sayanatni Ghsoh) hopes to take her father’s place but get disappointed as he father is not sure about his replacement yet. Vardhan, the CFO of Sanjivani, is against Dr. Shashank’s principles and his old values. He seems to be more money minded as he takes the profession as a business unlike Dr. Shashank.

Dr. Ishani (Surbhi Chandna) is a first year resident doctor and is elated to be a part of Sanjivani hospital. She is much dedicated doctor who loves her profession and is here to prove herself. However, she has a past with Sanjivani, owing to which she hides her surname while introducing herself. She wants to prove her father’s innocence who has a bitter past in Sanjivani.

Doctor Ishani and Dr. Sid get into a banter when they first bump into each other. Later, she finds Dr. Sid overcharging a patient and confronts him for being dishonest and trying to ruin Sanjivani’s image. She warns to complain against him while he challenges her to do whatever she can.

Dr. Sid gets impressed by Dr. Ishani

Now, in the coming episode, we will see that Sid and Ishani rush to attend and emergency case. Dr. Shashank operates the little boy who was recused by Dr. Sid and saves his life. He tells Sid the the boy’s surgery has been successful.

Sid gets impressed by Ishani skills when he learns the way she had handled one of his other case.

Dr. Anjali asks Dr. Shashank why can’t he he give replace his position after his retirement. He tells her that this position should not be replaced by heirship. He thinks that she is still not ready to handle the CMO post. Anjali blames him of killing their relationship. Dr. Shashank faints down and asks for Dr. Juhi.

He is diagnosed of brain tumor. Anjali calls Dr. Juhi who is at a medical camp and informs him asks her to come for his surgery. Shashank knows that Juhi can save his life as she is the best neurosurgeon.

At the same time, Sid and Ishani come together for another case. Ishani has to assist doctor Sid. Ishani sees that the patient serious and wants to show the patient to the psychiatrist.

Vardaan finds out that Ishani is Dr. Arora’s daughter. He wants to taunt her about her fathers wrong deeds. Ishani doesn’t want to be known by her father’s name and mistake and wants to be known for her skills and abilities. She wants to prove her dad’s innocence. Ishani complains to Anjali about Sid wrong doings in the hospital.

Later, she gets surprised knowing she has to assist Sid. Doctor Anjali meets Doctor Juhi after a long time. Juhi returns to Sanjivani and turns nostalgic and much emotional. Juhi meets Shashank and finds out about his wish. Doctor Shashank wants Juhi to handle the CMO post in Sanjivani. Juhi does not agree. He asks her if she will let him die without operating him. Juhi agrees to perform his surgery.

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