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Sarvagun Sampanna 22 April 2019 Written Update 1st Episode

Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna 22nd April 2019 Written Episode – First Episode

The first episode (22.04.2019) of Star Plus show Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna begins with a man enters Mittal house with a big box of gift and looks for Mr. Mittal (Ayub Khan). Preparations are going on for Kabir’s (Zain Imam) come back to Mittal house after 6 years and his engagement to Ishani (Tina Ann Phillip) who is Janhvi’s younger sister. Janhvi is the elder bahu of Mittal family who seems to have won everyone heart and has a hold over entire family.

Ishani’s cousins tease her for engagement with Kabir today and ask her where would they go for dinner date.

Janhvi (Shrenu Parikh) is seen at mandir bringing Radha Krishna idols with a procession to Mittal house. She worships the idol along with her husband. She says to Kabir’s younger brother (who is recording) that she is much happy that all her family will unite today after so many years as Kabir is coming back after 6 years and also that her younger sister will be part of her family now. Janhvi’s husband tells on the video camera that Kabir you will be getting engaged to Ishani, we are all excited.

Mr Mittal opens the gift box and finds a fake head with bullet shot on the forhead. The box has a message that next time it will be your head. The family gets tensed seeing the gift box giving warning to Mr. Mittal. But he seems to be unaffected.

Janhvi reaches home with the procession and several matkas over her head. As soon as she enters the house, all the pots (matkas) drop, Mr. Mittal says this is a bad sign. Janhvi has a hideous smile. Next, the pandit does stapana of the idols and asks for Mrs. Mittal for puja. Mr. Mittal says she is unwell and cannot do puja. Janhvi says let me get her. Mrs. Mittal is seen in a bad state locked in room in darkness. Janhvi tells her to come for puja, but she says no as she is sacred to go out of her room. Janvi convinces her to get ready and brings her out. Pandit asks for prasad. Mr. MIttal says Janhvi will make, but Mrs. Mittal says i will do. Mr. Mittal says no. Janhvi convinces Mr. Mittal to let Mrs. MIttal make prasad for pandit. Mrs.Mittal thanks Janvi and says that only she supports her but rest of family things that she is mad/crazy. Mrs. Mittal goes to kitchen and sees Janvi talking to the fishes and giving them food (with evil plan in her mind).

Next, the pandits have prasad, one of them finds a fish in the prasad and gets angry. the pandits leave the house and says they will never come back for any puja im Mittal house. Mrs. Mittal says how can i ruin my own son’s puja, why is everyone blaming me.

Mrs. Mittal is back in her room blaming herself while Janvi manipulates her. Everyone is in living room upset with prasad incident, janvi lies kabir has come to cheer them up and says Kabir will not like to see theKr sad faces. The maid informs that Kabir’s car has come outside. Everyone goes out to greet him. Kabir comes out of his car along with a lady and a lkid. he introduces to Janhvi that this is Kavya and my son Ansh. Janhvi and others are shocked.


Kavya and Kabir are in a room decorated for first night. Kavya tells Kabir we should tell veryone the truth, he says no one wants to see my face, what should i say, Ansh enters the room running around, Janhvi comes inside too and notices something.


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