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Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Gossips: Lavneet finds out Khushi is Harman’s wife Soumya

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Here’s what will happen in the upcoming episodes of Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki. It would be seen that Harman gets back his memory and remembers all the moments spent with Soumya.

Lavneet tries to make him smell chloroform and kidnap him but Harman fights her and tells her that she has separated him from Soumya.

Lavneet asks who is Soumya? Harman says my wife Soumya Singh. Lavneet is shocked to know that Khushi is actually Harman’s wife Soumya/Gulabo. Preeto also gets back her memory and asks him to bring her bahu. Veeran, Varun, and Shanno get tensed that their plan has failed. They worry that Harman will expose their real faces. 

Harman feels guilty that he he left Soumya on the mandap knowing about her kinnar identity. He comes to Soumya and tells that he loved her always and will always love her. He tells her that she is his Gulabo. But, Soumya is upset with Harman’s betrayal. She asks him who Soumya?

Saumya claps like Kinnar and tells that she is a kinnar and rejects his love. She decides to marry Sameer and leave the city. Harman does  not give up on his lady love and gets determined  to get Soumya to accept his love and get back in his life.

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  1. Shakti makers have lost it completely.saumya is not even getting flash back of her past life.and sameer that monkey chimpanzee is going on doing crime & crime & he is not getting punished for it neither he is been exposed in front of saumya.how cheap is that.how can a crime be supported so much in television.ridiculous disgusting.a person married for 3 years is been fooled because of lost memory.her emotions have been fooled without her knowing it.without her knowledge he is forcing her to be his wife & stay with her.what kind of nonsense.malika & team ne joothese sameer ki pitai karni chaiye aur uska face kala karke pure sheher main ghuma na chaiye for his deed.


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