Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki update: Preeto tries to hide Heer’s identity

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Here’s what will happen in the coming episode of Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki on Colors channel. It is known that Mahi gives birth to Harman’s child who is a kinner. Mahi will not be ready to accept the responsibility of a Kinner child. Preeto takes up the responsibility of Harman’s child as she is her grandson. Soumya and Preeto will together raise Harman’s child. They name the baby as Heer. Preeto doesn’t reveal to the family that the baby is a kinner.

Further, in the coming episodes we will see that Preeto slaps Shanno as she tries to hide the truth that Harman’s child is a kinnar. She just hares this truth with Soumya, as she knows that Soumya will understand her sorrow and pain. Preeto stops Shanno from changing the baby’s diaper. She takes away Heer from Shanno. Soumya and Preeto try to stop everyone from getting closer to Heer. Shanno scolds Soumya for teaching her. Preeto scolds Shanno and to not disobey her. She turns bad in the eyes of family members in order to protect Heer. She will be seen fighting with the family and society for the sake of Heer just like Nimmo protected Soumya during her childhood. Preeto regrets that one day Heer will have to go to the kinner community.

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  • <cite class="fn">sarita</cite>

    jo room harman saumya ka tha jahan harman kisiko hakh nahin deta tha aaj woh room main mahi rehti hain.she is the owner of the entire house,harmans wife,harak singh daughter in law.she got each an every rights of harman after marrying him.but saumya what did she get???she is not even called as harmans wife?harman ne sirf saumya ke hakh ke liye ladai ki.court ne bhi legally saumya aur soham ko harman ki wife aur uske bache hakh diya.but aaj saumya ka koi astitva nahin hain.harman nahin to kuch nahin.if saumya would have died with harman she would have been blessed.because the man who loved her she went along with him.but now she is staying in that ma house who killed harman as a third party.what a disgusting track

  • <cite class="fn">samanta</cite>

    Shakti makers are still not aware what does a moral means for any story.but such a drastic end for shakti is really shameful.harak singh & preeto aise log hain jinki zabaan itni kharab hain ki kisiko in par sympathy nahin ayegaga.these two are such a disgusting d grade characters.harman saumya ka exceptional unconditional love ka satya nash kar story ka istarah barbadi kisi show main nahin hua hoga.harman saumya ke love story ka istarah ending its disgusting.heer Harman aur mahi ki pyaar ki nishani hain & these makers are trying to convince ordains by repeating Harman ka ansh??heer naam mahi aur Harman ke naam se pada.hee from mahiii and r from har man.aur saumya ka koi astitva hi nahin raha.she is still not called harmans wife nor an individual.she is just a maid in Harman house.woh malika ke samne khadi hain for so called harmans ansh?saumya still don’t have any guds to stand in front of harak singh that bastard man.and that preeto that woman can never be trusted in life.woh duniya ko kya bata rahi hain ki kinner abhishap nahin hote,let her first start from her own house.nimmi was the only lady who had guds to fight for her daughter saumya.her entire family knew saumya was a kinner,but till her last breath she fought with those evils like maninder,her mother inlaw & kinner community.if preeto has that guds first reveal the truth to her own family.let her confront first with her family & then with the why she wants saumyas help???preeto is such a disrespectful woman that if Harman returns back she will again make Harman sleep with mahi again drugging him so that she gets her waris again.she will take that chance again.harmans character has been ruined such drastically.his 3 years efforts of his image all went into vain.

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