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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka Spoilers: Kunal questions Mauli over pregnancy

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Heres’w what will happen in the coming episodes of Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka.

It is known that Mauli gets shattered with Kunal’s rejection as he tells her that he will soon divrce her and marry Nandini, his love. Kunal is still unaware about her pregnancy and decides to leave from Mauli’s life.

Also, Mauli decides not to tell Kunal about her pregnancy. Since it won’t make any difference in their relationship. Kunal’s mother gets upset with Kunal’s decision. Finally, Yamini tells about Maulis pregnancy to Kunal. She asks Mauli not to lose hope. She tells Mauli that Kunal will return to him. Kunal argues with Mauli on knowing about the pregnancy. He adds that he can’t stay with Mauli.

He wants to marry Nandini. But, he faces a let down when Nandini rejects his love. Nandini also rejected him because of Mauli’s pregnancy. Nandini wants Mauli to be happy in her life.

Nandini makes a big sacrifice for the sake of Mauli’s coming child. Kunal’s life turns upside down. Kunal gets distance from Nandini once again. Mauli gathers the old memories. She gets Kunal’s love card from the cupboard. She recollects their love memories. Kunal questions Mauli about her sudden pregnancy. He asks Mauli if she is lying to him to get him back. He gets doubting her.

Yamini defends Mauli and scolds Kunal for falling low every day. She tells Kunal not to insult Mauli, who was his wife before. She asks him to always hold respect for Mauli. Mauli wishes her life to get like before. She wants to relive the old moments again. Kunal feels like falling in trouble because of the pregnancy news coming up.

Moreover, Dida and Yamini ask Kunal if he will reject fatherhood as well for Nandini’s love. They ask him not to get so selfish that he may hate himself later.

What will happen next? Will Kunal and Mauli unite for their child? We will have to wait and watch!

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