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Suyyash Rai’s shocking confession post elimination in Bigg Boss 9

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The cat’s out of the House and he has quite the beans to spill! – Check Out 7 shocking confessions made by Suyyash Rai who recently got eliminated from Colors Show “Bigg Boss 9”

1) “The show will only keep people who benefit them”

Crying foul over the voting system, Suyyash accuses the show of being unfair to him. According to him, he should have been safe since he was the captain of the house. Umm, are the grapes too sour, Suyyash?

2) “I have no regrets against anyone!”

Even though he is unhappy with the show makers, Suyyash holds no grudges against anyone. Admitting that the show is not scripted at all, he feels that maybe he wasn’t entertaining enough to continue on the show.

3) “Salman sir has NOTHING to do with eviction”

Remembering the one time Salman made him apologize to Mandana, Suyyash assures the audiences that Salman Khan is nothing more than the host, and that he has no influence on the elimination of a contestant. “He has much better things to do in life!” is what Suyyash said about Salman and we whole-heartedly agree with that!

4) “Mandana is going to leave the house on the 16th”

Or so is Suyyash’s belief, as per his calculations. He firmly believes that Mandana Karimi will be’pulled out’ of the show by the makers of Kya Kool Hai Hum 3 in order to promote the film. Well, only time will tell, Suyyash!

5) “Pervert is an understatement for Rishabh”

Suyyash complains that Rishabh Sinha has may be crossed a certain line, when it comes to commenting on the ladies in the house. In his own words, “There is no problem in being a pervert but when you cross that line, then you are a c#$%t! Sorry to say, but that’s what he is!”.

6) “Aman and Gizele are the most unhygienic people”

These were the first names to pop up in his mind, when asked about the least clean people in the house. Does having a bad mouth count?




7) “I am glad I was a part of this show”

All said and done, Suyyash is ready to move on from the show. After all, it is common to see new avenues open up for Bigg Boss participants and we won’t be surprised to see him land a big project soon!


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