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Swabhiman 03 January 2017 Written Episode, Swabhimaan Written Update

Colors serial Swabhimaan Written Update 03rd January 2017 WU

Swabhiman serial episode (03.01.2017) starts with Kunal about to hug Meghna. Meghna says what you are doing? Kunal says I was congratulating you like one fiance congrats other. Meghna says we are not engaged yet. Kunal says we will in the evening and asks her to hug him after that. Meghna smiles. Kunal asks her for coffee, and proposes her for coffee date holding the vouchers. Meghna says yes. Kunal happily looks at the vouchers. Sharda tells that Meghna is in her room. Naina is about to call Meghna. Nirmala calls her and asks what you do? Naina says she has done IIT from Mumbai. Naina sends message to Meghna, while talking to Nirmala. Naina thinks why Meghna haven’t read the message. Kunal talks poetic and says topper meghna is wooed by me. Meghna smiles. Kunal is driving the car and looks at her. Sharda takes Nirmala and Sandhya to room. They see Asha, Kalpana and relatives there. Sharda tells that this is Bade Bhabhi’s room so all relatives are here. They clean the things kept there.


Kunal and Meghna are in the coffee shop. Meghna tells Kunal that her mum is her first priority and she will not let her values on stake. Sandhya asks about Meghna. Naina calls Meghna and informs her that Sandhya and Nirmala came to meet her. Meghna asks her to tell them that she is on a coffee date with their son Kunal. Kunal takes the call and says they didn’t know that we know each other. He says I am coming to drop her. Meghna asks what about our pending coffee date. Kunal says they have a life ahead to spend time with each other. Someone knocks on the door. Vaibhav comes there. Sharda says he is Kalpana’s son. Kalpana cleans his face with her saree pallu. Sandhya says tissue paper is kept there.

Naina asks Sharda to come and tells her that Meghna went to sign on the contract as today is last date. Sharda asks she went with whom? Naina says she went with jiju. Sharda says they never met each other. Naina says they know each other since 2 years and was in the same class. Sharda is shocked. Naina says I talked to jiju and he said that job is necessary too. He says he came and took her. Sharda asks if Sujan Singh’s family know about this, and says this is not the small thing. Naina says we thought it is a small thing. Sharda says you both shouldn’t have hidden this fact from us. Asha comes and says today’s kids hide fact from us. She tells Sharda to tell them that Meghna went to Parlour as she don’t to go with them. Kunal tells Meghna that if everyone come to know that they know each other from before, then they might feel that they made the proposal reach other family.

Khyati comes and gives music CD to Karan. Karan asks if Kunal and Bhabhi are happy. Dada ji comes and asks them to arrange romantic date for Kunal and Meghna. Karan says I can’t do this? Dada ji says when Kunal can agree for marriage when I asked him, why can’t you agree? Karan agrees and nods.

Sandhya asks if Meghna is not here, and says it is okay if she went out. Just then Meghna comes there wearing jeans and tshirt. Sharda makes her wear dupatta. Swabhimaan song plays………………….Nirmala says Kunal is lucky to get wife like you and gives shagun. Meghna takes it after Sharda nods. Sandhya asks where did she go? Meghna says for shopping. Sandhya advices her not to lie being Chauhan bahu. Meghna tells that she went to sign contract for job. Sandhya says you shouldn’t tell such truths also, and calls someone to send the stuff to room.

Few men bring clothes, jewellery etc for Meghna. Meghna also comes there wearing shirt salwar. Kalpana asks Naina to click her pic.

Sandhya tells Meghna that they have chosen designer outfit for her, as special guests will be coming today. Meghna recalls telling Sharda that she will wear her lehenga for her engagement. Nirmala says you are beautiful and will look good. Sandhya says yes, and that’s why we have brought this designer dress. Meghna says unfortunately I have fitting issues everytime and says there is no time to alter the dress. Sandhya says that’s why their designer assistant came with them. She asks the designer to make the changes now itself and makes Meghna look best.

Sharda asks Meghna to go with designer. Meghna comes wearing costly lehenga. Everyone sees her dress. Sandhya says she is looking more beautiful. Nirmala applies kajal behind her ears, and asks her not to worry. Meghna says it is very heavy. Sandhya says it is very costly and tells Sharda that they are going to spoil Meghna fully. Sharda looks on. Sandhya says special guests are coming today and Chauhan bahu can’t wear down market clothes to disgrace them. She says now we are also your family. Sharda looks at Meghna. Sandhya looks at the fitting and tells designer. Meghna looks irritated. Sandhya says everyone will look Meghna tonight, stunning and beautiful. Nirmala says we will leave now. Sandhya says we will be waiting for the evening. Sharda goes to drop them till door.

Sandhya tells Nand Kishore that he took right decision of buying lehenga for Mehenga else she would had worn cheap lehenga. Meghna cries looking at her mum’s lehenga and says Kunal’s family made them feel so much. Nand Kishore gives Meghna’s responsibility to Sandhya and says she shall end relations with her mayka. Naina asks Meghna why she is feeling that she has to wear same dress. Meghna gets an idea and she comes wearing Sharda’s lehenga for engagement..


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