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Swabhiman Written Episode 23 December 2016, Swabhimaan Written Update

Colors Swabhiman 23rd December 2016 Written Episode Update WU

Swabhiman serial episode (23.12.2016) starts with Sharda feeling bad after Nand Kishore rejects Meghna’s marriage proposal for Kunal, and insults her. She thinks about telling her family that she will take Meghna’s alliance for Chauhan. She recalls Bade mama asking Meghna and Naina, if they don’t want to burn crackers. Meghna says we have to study now, and have burnt crackers two days back. Bade Mama asks Sharda not to worry about them, and tells that they know their motive. Fb ends. Sharda calls Kalpana and tells that Nand Kishore talked to her while standing on the door. Kalpana changes her words and says you got much insulted. Sharda says I was not insulted. Meghna is shocked and asks who insulted you. She says you will not see their face again, and asks her not to waste any second there. Sharda tells that she can’t
get tears in her eyes as she has good daughters. Meghna says we will find a way and asks her to come back. Sharda says people will come and asks for your hand. She thinks she was wrong to think about Sujan Singh Chauhan’s family to be rich by values also.

Sujan Singh is going to temple to donate some stuff on Kunal’s name. Kunal’s mum tells that she has made all the arrangements. Sujan Singh praises his bahu’s qualities and tells that even Kunal will get a good wife like you. Sharda comes to the temple and says she was fool to reach people with alliance. She says I have full faith on you and that you will show us right path. Kalpana tells Asha that Sharda have got them insulted too, and rubbed nose outside Chauhan’s house. Meghna and Naina hears them. Asha says don’t know what will happen now, if Meghna’s marriage will be fixed or not. Naina says I want to talk to you, and says our mamma is in pain because of us. She says we shall close everyone’s mouth. Meghna asks what you wants to say. Naina asks her to meet wrong number once. She says he will not refuse you to do job. She says that guy likes you and will let you work. I don’t think that he is a wrong guy and asks her to meet him once. Meghna asks her to shut up and asks if you have gone mad? She says you have said today, don’t tell it again.

Sharda hears beggar woman asking her daughters to go and beg for money. Sharda scolds the woman and asks her to get her daughters educated. She says when they stand on their feet and then they will make you proud. Beggar woman says you can’t know our condition, we stay hungry many times. Sharda tells her that even she has two daughters, and worked harder for their better future. She says a daughter can do job and also can take care of house. She says a daughter’s education is very much important and I have full trust that anything is possible with education. Sujan Singh hears her teaching and says he felt really good hearing her values. Sharda turns and sees Sujan Singh. She recalls seeing his picture in the newspaper. Sujan Singh tells Beggar that she is saying right and says she must have learnt this from her hardwork and you want to choose easy way. She recalls Pandit ji praising Sujan Singh. Sujan Singh gives his card to beggar woman and asks her to meet him if she wants to get her daughter’s educated.

Sharda recalls Nand Kishore insulting her and takes her bags and start leaving. Sujan Singh comes to her and asks from where she came? Sharda tells that she is from small town Bundi. Sujan Singh says that’s why you are saying this. He asks why did you come here? Sharda says I brought my daughter’s alliance here, but we are less in status. She says I have to leave. Sujan Singh gets thoughtful. He goes to Sharda and says we had talked much, but don’t have a introduction. Sharda says I know everything about you and praises him. Sujan singh asks her not to praise him much. He asks for her name. She introduces herself.

Sujan Singh says I am searching bahu for my grand son, and tells that he thought her daughter to be a good match for his grand son seeing her values. He folds his hands and asks for her daughter’s hand for Kunal. Sharda is shocked. Sujan Singh understands that Sharda brought alliance for Kunal and says I can understand what you felt, and says everyone of us is responsible. He asks her to give him a chance. Sharda says I just wants my daughter to be respected and she can be let free to work after marriage. Sujan Singh says if your daughter comes to our world, then it is our good luck. He says she will be given liberty to do whatever she wants. Sharda is happy. Sujan Singh says I am not forcing you, but I think even God wants this. Sharda asks him to wait there, and goes. Swabhimaan song plays………………Sharda goes to temple and takes the envelope kept under the God’s idol.

Meghna thinks how Sharda got insulted by Kundan and Naina suggesting her to talk to wrong number once. Naina brings tea. Meghna asks why do we call someone? Naina says to talk. Meghna says if I don’t pick or call back then… Naina asks if she is talking about wrong number. Meghna shows the missed calls and says I never picked his calls, but he calls me daily. Naina says it is love. Meghna says he didn’t leave hope and thinks this is love. She says I think I shall talk to this wrong number once. Naina smiles and hugs her. Meghna also smiles. Sharda shows Meghna’s pic to Sujan Singh. Sujan Singh likes her very much. Sharda recalls Nand Kishore insulting her, and asks Sujan Singh to talk to his family. Sujan says only two persons take marriage decision, one is him and other is his grand son. He says once he agrees, we will come to Bundi. He asks her to call him Bau ji. Naina asks Meghna to call him. Meghna smiles and calls him. Sharda says this is happening fast and invites them to her house. Sujan Singh says I have some rights even now and says he will marry where we wants. Sharda says marriage happens between two families. Meghna gets angry when wrong number doesn’t pick her call. She gets angry. Naina says he is going to be your husband. She sends message to wrong number, and tells Meghna that she is very happy. Sujan singh shows Kunal’s pic and asks if she liked her damad. Naina says Sharda solanki has chosen damad for her, and hugs her.

Bade Mama tells your daughter is going to be Chauhan’s bahu. Sharda is hopeful. Kunal tells Sujan Singh that he will choose the girl and asks him to say yes. Sujan Singh is shocked. Later Kalpana tells Sharda that Meghna likes some guy. Sharda is shocked. 


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