Swaragini 11 December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update WU

Colors TV Swaragini Written Update 11th December 2015

Today’s (11.12.2015) Swaragini serial episode starts with Durga Prasad agreeing to Dadi’s conditions and gives his everything to Ragini.

Swara asks Dadi not to force Durga Prasad give away his respect. Durga Prasad says he is giving with his wish. He gives keys to Ragini and says this house, and decisions will be yours from now and no one will interfere in your decisions. Dadi says Lakshyawill be freed within half an hour and takes Ragini with her. Swara comes to Sanskar’s room and calls him. Uttara tells about her mannat and says she wants to distribute clothes to the poor. Swara says I will help you. Sanskar comes and says what is happening Swara….Swara says she is shocked with Dadi’s conditions. She says Dadi is not bad at heart and says I would have convinced her if she was not angry. Sanskar says your so called missions are done now, your work is over now. Everyone think about themselves. I am mad to think about you and your happiness, but you never cared about my feelings and will never care….and asks her to go….says I will not stop you.

Swara says you are taking me wrong. Sanskar says I thought you care for me as a friend, if not being wife. You have taken decision of your life without talking to me and says I am just a toy for you. Swara says I have not thought about your relation, Sanskar says you don’t have time to think about your life, and you have taken me for granted. He says he don’t want to be just a toy for her, and says I love you, doesn’t want you to take my advantage. He says I don’t want your friendship, and says he is not going to apologize to her. He asks her to pack her stuff as he is dropping her to Baadi. He says if you want to come back then come for me or for our relation, else don’t think of returning home.

Swara sits in his car. Sanskar drops her near the Baadi, but comes back. He says I don’t want to keep anything reminding me of you. Swara cries as he leaves in his car. Durga Prasad is seen sitting at Annapurna’s side. Annapurna opens her eyes, sits down and asks if Laksh came…..She says thank god …Kaki (Dadi) agreed. She says she wants to meet Lakshya. Durga Prasad says you needs to rest. Annapurna says I will be fine after meeting our son. Laksh comes home. Annapurna hugs him and cries. She says she wants to thank Dadi……..for getting him out of police custody. She asks Uttara to bring something for Lakshyato eat. Lakshyaasks are you fine Ma? She hugs him again.

Lakshya comes to his room and sees his wardrobe empty. He then sees Ragini and asks what you are doing here. Ragini says I am owner of this house, and your wife too, that’s why staying here. I don’t think that you want me here in this room. I have played many games with you, and you have tried to take my life in exchange. She says so now, calculations are equal. She says lets end the matter right here. We both have betrayed each other. Ragini says I have done this as I love you, but you never loved me…She says calculations is not same. She gives divorce papers in his hand asking him to hold it. She then burns the papers with the lighter. Lakshya is shocked. Ragini then slaps him hard on his face……Lakshya holds his cheek in shock. Ragini says from today, from this moment all his life…I will stay as Ragini Laksh Maheshwari and will settle the scores.

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Ragini stops Durga Prasad from sitting on his chair, and sits on it instead. She then asks Annapurna to clean her saree after throwing water herself. Swara asks Ragini to stop her drama.


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