Swaragini 27 January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update WU

Colors TV Swaragini Written Update 27.01.2016

Today’s episode starts with Urvashi telling Ragini that your mum is crying and blood is coming from her eyes. She says jiji is not happy and that’s why shedding blood tears. She says Swara and Sanskar’s marriage is not right. Shekhar asks her to stop her nonsence. Urvashi says jiji isn’t happy since Sumi have taken her place in Shekhar’s life and says Swara might take Ragini’s place in Laksh’s life. Swara says it is not tears, but a chemical. She shows it in mobile. She says there is a lamp beneath the photo which was set off just now. There was a chemical on the photo and that’s why it melted and red color flowed from it. She tries to demonstrate, but Ragini stops her. She says my mum is not with me, and you want to take her last thing from me. She says my mum might not be happy and might be thinking that my heart will break. She tells Sumi that she is not blaming her, and says Shekhar never loved janki like he loves her. She says Janki might be tensed and thought that Swara would snatched her love. She blames Swara for snatching Kavita’s first love. Swara says did I snatched Kavita’s first love?

Ragini says yes. Sanskar says Swara haven’t snatched me from kavita. He says it was my decision to spend my life with Swara and Kavita united us. He says Swara didn’t do anything wrong with you. She asks her to apologize to Swara. Ragini asks why? Sanskar insists. Ragini refuses and says I know I am right. She says Janki Maa isn’t happy and she fears that Swara will snatch my family again. Sanskar asks why Janki let Shekhar and Sumi marry? Ragini says she doesn’t have any problem with Sumi? Sanskar asks her to think and say. He says it seems there is nothing left in your life except Swara, and you tries to upset her again and again. He says why don’t we see any signs before? Dadi says may be we couldn’t figure out then. Lakshya says Sanskar is right. Ragini goes crying. Swara goes to her room and cries.

Sanskar comes to her room. Swara asks did I snatched you from Kavita? She says may be Ragini is right? I am really bad and cries. Sanskar asks her not to trust on Ragini’s talk. Swara says I thought Ragini is happy with Lakshya, and we will be happy together. I didn’t know that my sister hates me even now. What wrong did I do that she hates me even now. Laksh comes there, and says I came to see if Swara is fine or not? He says you have taken a right decision and there is nothing wrong in it. Sanskar is also leaving, but Laksh asks him to stay with Swara as she needs him. Ragini cries. Urvashi comes to her and wipes her tears. She says Sanskar supports Swara, but your husband doesn’t stand for you.

She says Dadi told me everything. She says Swara had snatched your love first and then have done bad with you. She says if she becomes your jethani then she will snatch your happiness. Ragini falls in her trap and says you are saying right. Urvashi acts as talking to Janki. Ragini asks do you really talk to Janki Maa? Urvashi says jiji is happy as you have fought for me and you. Janki wants to hug you. She hugs her. Ragini cries and says Maa……She thanks Urvashi.Urvashi looks evilly.

Sanskar tells Swara that blood didn’t come out again. Swara says it was a trick. She asks do you think that Janki is not happy with our marriage. Sanskar says it might be natural chemical. Swara says she is sure that Urvashi brought chemical/roots from the jungle. Sanskar says I am sure that Kavita is behind this and tells about the red kite which was found in the jungle. Swara asks why he is obsessed with Kavita. Sanskar says we are again fighting. He asks her to believe him. He says we will keep grah shanti puja at home tomorrow. He says we will catch that person and I have a plan.

Lakshya talks to the lawyer and says I know that I have just one day to take her sign. He asks Mr. Das why he didn’t tell him about it. He says he can’t wait to take back his properties and will do something. Ragini hears him. Lakshya is shocked. Ragini asks how can you do this with me? She says I have trusted you, and don’t hope this from you. She asks why did you do this? She says you didn’t say anything when Swara and Sanskar insulted me. Laksh is relieved and thinks Ragini didn’t hear my conversation with Mr. Das. He says I thought that you was unfair with Swara. She asks do you think that your mum is not happy. Ragini says I am happy that you have accepted me from your heart and this all has happened since Swara left from here. Laksh asks her to leave the matter and says we will go far. Ragini says she will not go anywhere until Sanskar and Swara get separated. She asks him to help her separate them. Shekhar gets durga prasad’s call and he informs family that they have kept grah shanti puja, and then Sanskar will make Swara wear ancestral necklace. Swara asks Urvashi if she will come. Urvashi says yes, and says there is no guarantee that everything will be fine with puja. Ragini happens to see some papers. Lakshya says these are divorce papers.

Later in night Sanskar feels someone’s presence and sees a doll with Swara’s pic stick on its face.


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