Swaragini Spoilers – New Entry Kartik to trouble Ragini, Kavya-Kartik’s connection

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The makers of Swaragini serial on Colors TV have been introducing interesting twists and turns in its story line to grab the attention of its viewers.

In the ongoing track of the show it is seen that Kavya has been troubling the Maheshwari family and Swara has been trying hard to save her family from Kavya’s evil plans.

Fans have been wondering what is Kavya’s real intentions for marrying Lakhya and being rude to the family? Does Kavya have a bitter past with Maheshwari family and wants to seek revenge?

In the last episode of Swaragini we saw how Kavya is determined to spoil family’s reputation. She gets her students to the house and starts her dance classes in the house. The family doesn’t like Kavya’s students as the girls wear short clothes, and boys are seen closer to the girls.

Now, in the upcoming episode it will be seen that Swara saves Uttara from the guy, who was misbehaving with her.
Swara and Sujatha will throw Kavya’s students out of the house.
Later, it will be seen that Kavya along with Lakshya goes to meet the man with burnt marks on his hands and sells Chaat and Ice Cream. Well, this guy will be a new character Kartik in the show essaying a negative role and will have a connection with Kavya.
Kartik will be seen troubling Ragini. He will take pictures of Ragini and follow her everywhere. Ragini feels someone is following her and finds the guy having burnt mark in his hands. She would remember that he is the same guy she had seen with Lakhya. Ragini would then follow him and reach a photo studio and find picture of a burnt house on the wall.
Meanwhile, Kavya will threaten Swara about burning down Swara’s relations just like the burnt house?
Who is Kartik? What is the secret behind Kavya and Kartik’s past? Will Swara and Ragini find out Kartik and Kavya’s truth?
Stay tuned for further updates!

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