Tere Sheher Mein 07 October 2015 Written Update, TSM Written Episode

Tere Sheher Mein Written Update (WU), 07th October 2015, TSM Latest Story

Today’s (07.10.2015) Star Plus serial “Tere Sheher Mein” episode starts with Rama and Amaya having sweet moments. She wishes him all the best for the interview. Rama asks her to take rest. Sumitra, Bua and Nani have a talk about Rama and Amaya. Sumitra says I supported Rama before, but now its fine if he manages shop. Bua says its Amaya’s wish that Raman earns outside, then you will lose Rama. Amaya thinks to spend time with Kangana, and thinks to send the ladies out. She calls on the landline. Amaya answers the call on landline as if she would attend the committee meeting at temple. Bua and Sumitra hear her and ask why would Amaya go, they will attend the meeting. They leave.

Amaya says she has seen Kanika partying or doing robbery, she has to find the link between Kangana and Kanika, she has to plan well to catch Kanika, maybe by some reason. Kangana is happy about the order she got. Amaya hears her and congratulates her. She says you deserve this and gives her tea. Kangana thanks her and shows her saree designs. Amaya thinks to workout her plan and applies black dot to Kangana’s hand. Kangana calls Mishra and says order is confirmed, keep material ready. Amaya acts to call her friend and invites her home, they can have drinks too as family has gone out. Kangana hears her. Amaya makes Kangana hear her about her amazing wedding jewelry.

Kangana asks Amaya about drinks. Amaya says come on, you are young too, have some fun, becoming modern is fun, I m not doing wrong, I m not hurting anyone. She asks her to join her party. Kangana says I don’t drink or party, its against my values. Amaya says we both treat each other well, don’t worry, do your work, let me enjoy. Amaya thinks to see what Kangana does, she hopes to know truth today.

Rachita tells Pandey that she was trapped, she did not steal. The committee decides to withdraw Chobey’s name from committee. Pandey says he lost his name. Rachita asks whats Nana ji’s mistake, he was not present, you can’t do this. Pushpa asks why all this when Rachita is proved innocent. The man says we don’t know about real thief, its about temple’s respect. Pushpa requests them not to do this. The man apologizes. Rachita asks Pushpa not to beg to them. The men leave. Jaz thinks this did not happen right, Rachita is innocent, and still bearing for robbery.

Amaya follows Kangana and sees her dyeing clothes. A man talks to Amaya and asks about Gajanand’s health. Amaya says he is fine, sorry, I m in hurry and looks for Kangana. Sumitra comes to temple and asks about committee meeting. The pandit says you are the head, you should know, nothing such happening here. Bua says Amaya lied to us. Sumitra thinks Amaya is alone with Kangana, I have to stop her. She asks Bua and Nani to stay here, maybe Amaya said right, pandit would not know, I will find out from Pandey and come.

Kanika sees the jewelry kept open and likes the designs. Amaya asks is this really beautiful, did you really like it Kangana, I knew I will get you here, now I understood its you Kangana, who becomes Kanika, you act to be traditional and good valued, and do this wrong things behind their back, answer me. Kanika asks who is Kangana, I don’t know her, shut up and keep this nonsense to yourself, I m not Kangana, don’t compare me with that Bahenji, no one can stop me from doing my work. She sits and drinks. She says cheers and smiles. Amaya looks on shocked.

Kanika says its full on party and shopping time for me, and rakes jewelry. Amaya stops her. Kanika slaps her and says I have beaten three men, and will faint you. She gets dizzy and falls. Amaya says Kangana and holds her. She makes her lie down and says thank God, I was thinking why did this not affect her till now. FB shows Amaya getting wine bottle and some sleeping pills. She adds the pills in wine. She sees the black ink mark on Kanika’s hand and says now I m sure Kangana is Kanika, they both are same person, not twin sisters, but why is Kangana doing all this, whats the matter, its true that Kangana is Kanika, I have to find proof, what shall I do.

Sumitra comes and asks Kangana to get up. Amaya asks Sumitra is she shocked seeing Kanika here. Sumitra lies to her. Amaya asks her to stop lying.

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