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Tere Sheher Mein 14 September 2015 Written Episode

Star Plus serial ‘Tere Sheher Mein’ 14th September 2015 Written Update (WU), TSM Latest Story

Today’s (14.09.2015) Tere Sheher Mein episode starts with Rama bringing the water bucket. Sumitra see this and sayss that she will see Amaya, as she is making her son do her work.

Amaya thinks of going and seeing the puja for Gajanand Choubey’s recovery, and finishes the cleaning work for Kangana’s room. The puja is getting over and Amaya is rushing to go there soon.

Sumitra gets Prasad and says she went to temple. She tells Amaya to have Prasad but Amaya refuses. Sumitra insists her to eat, but Amaya says she cannot eat. Sumitra cries and tells Rama just see, how she is not eating Prasad, she wants God to curse us, so that our family gets ruined. Rama tells Amaya to eat the Prasad as she cannot disrespect it.

Amaya moves back. Rama asks her not to do any acting. Amaya thinks she can’t break fast kept for Gajanand, But how will she explain Rama. Amaya go against the wall that divides Choubey house and Rama’s home. Amaya hears the Pandit chanting mantras. Sumitra asks Rama to make Amaya have Prasad and smiles. Amaya overhears that the puja is completed and now choubey family can break their fast by eating the Prasad. She thinks her fast got completed and prays that Gajanand recovers. Amaya eats the Prasad and cries.

Sumitra and Bua get shocked. Amaya goes from there. Rama eats Prasad and goes. Sumitra thinks she got late today but next time she will make Rama angry on Amaya.

Sneha gives Prasad to Jaz. Jaz talks in Amaya’s favour and Rudra tells Sneha that Amaya was eating samosa, jalebi outside, I told her about puja here, she did not care for Gajanand. Sneha scolds Rudra and asks him not to take Amaya’s name in this house.

Gupta asks Amaya to arrange the papers. She says but if I make any mistake. He says you have work experience, just arrange by dates, I have to file tax tomorrow. He goes. Rama goes to sleep. Amaya comes in the room with the file and switches on the lights. He asks can’t she see he is sleeping. She says Gupta has given her shop accounts work, she can’t sit in store room and work, so she has come here.

Amaya sits working. She goes to get tea and he switches off lights. She comes back and switches on the lights. Rama plays some slow music to get sleep. Amaya says what happened to Rama at night, whats this classic sound. Rama says its better than your calculator sound, I like classical music. He sleeps. She goes and plays latest music. He gets up and breaks the cd player. He goes to sleep. She thinks she did not see such adamant person in her life, he gets irritated for everything.

She works till late and says its finished now, and goes after switching the lights. Its morning, Rama says he will go to shop as he has work. Bua asks where is Amaya, is she sleeping till now. Amaya comes with the files and gives the files to Gupta, and asks him to check. Gupta says Rama has gone to shop, go and explain him. Sumitra says Kangana is coming in evening, cut onions first and then go to shop. Gupta says fine, finish work in kitchen first and then go to shop Amaya. Amaya agrees.

Sumitra asks Amaya to cut many onions and scolds her. Amaya says is she making pakode for entire Banaras. She sits cutting onion and gets watery eyes. She recalls Sneha giving her a tip to put onion peel on the head and then tears won’t come. Amaya keeps the onion peel over her head and tries Sneha’s tip. She cuts the onions. She smiles and says don’t know this tip works or not, but it gave me moral support. She says I will go to shop now and can visit Gajanand too, no one will know here, they all will think I m with Rama at shop.

Sumitra comes with her trio and ask Amaya to go, and come back soon. Amaya takes her permission and goes to keep onions. Bua says Amaya has cut onions without crying. Amaya comes to the shop. Shamu tells Rama that Amaya is coming. Rama asks why did she come. Amaya says Gupta has sent her to show account papers. Amaya tells about the papers and goes to keep it in almirah inside the house. The ladies smile seeing Amaya and say Amaya and Rama does not make a good couple. Amaya comes to show something else. Rama says I will see, you go now. Amaya says fine, but you could have said thanks, I have some work I n market, if Sumitra calls, inform her.

The ladies pass comments on Rama and smile that he felt bad. The guys comment that foolish Rama got a model like wife. Amaya scolds the guys and asks them to mind their own business. Rama comes there and asks Amaya to come, he will give her lift. She thinks she has to refuse, as she has to go to hospital. She says no, I will go. He says I have enough drama, sit, I will drop you. She sits on his bike and thanks him for coming on time. He says I have seen you arguing, so I have come to show I don’t make my wife answer them, don’t get any other meaning. He applies break and she holds him. She looks at him.


Sumitra asks Amaya to come fast and welcome Kangana. Amaya and Kangana stop the same rickshaw, and Kangana allows Amaya to go first. Amaya thanks her.


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