Tere Sheher Mein 18 September 2015 Written Update, Written Episode

Tere Sheher Mein 18th September 2015 Written Update (WU), Latest Story

Today’s (18.09.2015) Star Plus Serial ‘Tere Sheher Men’ episode starts with with Ramaand Amaya bang into eacj other and Amaya finds notices his civil services books.

He says yes, I will pass UPSC exam this time, I was angry on myself yesterday so I left the food, I will get a good job and show you. She says lets see and throws the towel on his face. He says ill mannered. Amaya leaves. Kangana asks Mantu to help her in getting saree orders completed and Mantu agrees to help her, as she is Rama’s sister. He asks will she have anything. She says no, I m in hurry, you can come home, I will talk there. She leaves.

Mantu gets Uma’s letter delivered to him by a man and he reads that Uma is going away from him, she can’t give him support, she is also helpless, as Mantu has no place for anyone else now, so I m leaving Banaras and going with Badi Amma. Mantu cries. Uma writes if fate has us to meet again, we will meet. He says I m sorry Uma, I broke your heart, but Amaya… what she did with me, I lost faith in love.

Amaya remembers about last night when she saw Kangana in different avatar. She sees Rama preparing for his exams while fixing a machine, and says he can’t study like this. She disturbs him.

Rama asks what happened, can’t you see I m studying. She says you are disturbing yourself, I can see how you are studying, you are wasting time, you are repairing music system while studying, I know you have OCD. He says yes, I know. She asks him to focus and this exam is tough. He asks will she take his interview, why is she giving him lecture. She says Jaz passed many exams, she was topper, she used to study in one go, you learn from her, concentrate. He says I agreed yesterday, it does not mean I will agree always, you don’t act oversmart. Amaya says fine. He asks her to go and the ink falls on his tshirt. She goes out and asks him to see the design on tshirt. She says when someone tells anything, it can be for good also.

Mantu comes to meet Kangana. She says she wants someone to coordinate her work. He says yes, I have started finding someone, till I get someone, I will help you. She says she will get sample of her work and show him. Amaya brings pickles there. She stops seeing Mantu. Kangana asks Amaya to get tea and snacks for Mantu. Amaya goes. Mantu says no, I will leave. Kangana asks him to sit and know the work. He says he has some other work. She says I have much work, please.

He says fine, see this list. Kangana says she will get her design books, and asks him to get book from dining table to make notes. Mantu drinks water and gets sad seeing Rama weds Amaya… marriage photo album. He sees the pics and the glass falls. He sits to pick the glass and gets his hand hurt. Amaya sees this and cries. She thinks Mantu will be hurt if he works with Kangana and comes here often, I have to make him away from me.

Amaya says you increased my work, why did you come here, you are a shameless person, get up, do you have self esteem left or not, leave from here. Kangana comes and asks whats this way to talk. She asks Mantu to sit and does aid. Amaya and Kangana argue. Mantu says calm down Kangana, I m fine. Sumitra comes and sees Mantu hurt. She scolds Amaya. Mantu says I m fine, thanks Kangana for the aid, I will go and complete the work. Kangana asks Amaya to be careful. Sumitra scolds Amaya and asks her to help Kangana in dyeing the sarees.

Amaya goes to that room and thinks what to do. She checks online for the procedure for dyeing. She dyes the clothes and smiles. Mohini tells Sumitra that some people from temple came to Chobey Nivaas, maybe its something big. They all go to see. The man asks Sneha for charity amount, and says temple renovation has completed. Sneha says we will do whatever we can. Sumita says Maha Utsav is great, take the donation, and give half amount receipt by our name, as we are their relatives, and Chobey said he will take special care for us. Rachita and Pushpa ask Sneha to not reply. Sumitra and her group also goes inside Chobey Nivaas to see. Sumitra says she will manage all the administration duties this time.


At night, Amaya sees Kangana and says she is again in this different avatar.

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