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Tere Sheher Mein Written Episode 05 September 2015

Star Plus Tere Sheher mein Written Update (WU) Latest Story

Today’s (04.09.2015) episode starts with Sumitra thinking where can Amaya go.

Dev comes to see Gajanand in hospital. The nurse sends Dinesh to bring medicines. Dev comes to Gajanand and threatens him about Rachita’s truth. He says he has told Sumitra to take revenge in big way.

Amaya comes there to meet Gajanand. Dev promises him that his family will never see happy moment. Dev sees Amaya coming and says he will leave now, he will come later. Dev hides seeing Amaya. Amaya goes to Gajanand. Dev leaves.

Amaya tells Gajanand that she fulfilled the promise given to him, Sneha and Rachita are fine. She says she will keep this marriage, she will be close to Gupta family that they don’t tell the secret to anyone, she wants haveli to be back to Sneha, they all are alone and need him a lot, get well soon. She cries and prays for them.

Sneha and everyone sit silent on the dining table. Dimple asks Sneha and Pushpa to eat food. Rudra comes frustrated and says everyone is insulting the family, the people are gossiping how Amaya did this in Rachita’s marriage, how Amaya became the bride. Kaushalya says how can we shut everyone’s mouth. Rudra says how will we do this, when our family member was wrong. Sneha says stop it, no one will take Amaya’s name. Rudra says her belongings will remind about her.

Sneha says Amaya’s relation with me and my family is broken. She leaves. Rudra and Kaushalya smile. Gupta asks for breakfast. Sumitra says your bahu is not at home. Gupta taunts her. Nani scolds Gupta. Amaya says I m here. Bua asks where did she go, there is so much work. Amaya says I just… Sumitra says you went to meet Gajanand. Nani asks is he alive or dead. Amaya says think and talk, else many hospital beds are empty and they can need it.

Sumitra asks Amaya to change her suit and wear saree, then she will have to do first rasoi rasam, as her father in law is sitting hungry. Amaya agrees to make food. Sumitra reminds Rachita’s truth and blackmails her. Amaya thinks she will never let them win, she will end their plans forever.

Rachita asks Sneha what is she doing. Sneha says she is throwing Amaya’s belongings. Rachita asks her not to regard Amaya wrong, there is some big reason. Sneha asks is she saying this. Sneha says Amaya said this was her plan, she loved Rama. Rachita says she can’t do this, she was happy for me and Rama, she was not interested in Rama, you know her well, she did a lot for our happiness, ask Amaya once that made her helpless to do this.

Amaya tries wearing saree and recalls in FB…..Sneha helps her in wearing saree, and Amaya winning over Rachita. Amaya asks for the prize. Sneha says the prize is the one who wears saree first will get married first. Amaya says this is cheating and they laugh. Fb ends. Amaya says mum said this and my marriage happened before Rachita’s.

Sneha tells Pushpa that she wants to talk to Amaya once, her upbringing is not so bad, maybe Amaya has some reason. Pushpa says Amaya told us clearly. Rachita says we should talk to her once. Pushpa agrees. Amaya thinks to make suji ka halwa and finds all the boxes empty. Bua, Sumitra , Nani and Mohini are outside and laugh thinking how will Amaya cook food now without anything available.

Sumitra asks Rama to come for breakfast, they are going to Mathur haveli, their new home. He asks what. She says Amaya named haveli on her name as a gift, come with me, we have to do packing. Rama says how can Amaya fall so low, she cheated us and snatched her mum’s home, how can anyone do this with her family.

Amaya says even salt container is empty, how can she cook, will there be any magic. Sumitra and everyone come inside home. Amaya brings the food, and says she has made this noodles, and asks them to try it. She says there was nothing in the kitchen, as Gupta was hungry since long. She gives it to Rama. Rama says he is not hungry and anyone’s hunger will die after seeing this noodles. He asks Gupta to come, they can’t eat this. Amaya eats noodles and hears music. Rama takes Gupta and leave.

Bua tells Sumitra to see her bahu, Amaya will kick Sumitra in few days. Sumitra says I know what to do, and talks to Amaya. She asks is she listening and shakes her. Amaya says sorry, I was hearing songs. Sumitra says you will care when the loved ones come infront of you and see you with hatred, we will go today to Mathur haveli, face your mum’s hatred, get ready to get insulted by your mum. Amaya gets shocked.

Sneha asks Sumitra whats happening. Sumitra says Amaya gave me gift and shows the house papers on her name. Sneha gets shocked seeing the papers.


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