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Thapki Pyaar Ki Gossips: Thapki to be made fun of on first day at work

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The current track of Color’s newly launched show Thapki Pyaar Ki shows that after her marriage break up Thapki (Jigyasa Singh) moves to Noida for a job at Channel 365 news as a intern.

Thapki reports to the Channel 635 to confirm her job but before she enters the office, she accidentally bumps into Dhruv’s car (Ankit Bhatla) in small accident. Thapki’s job confirmation letter falls on the rad and she doesn’t realize but Dhruv hands it over to her later at the reception.

Dhruv is shown as the head reporter at Channel 365 news.

Later Thapki is made to give auditions as a reporter at Channel 365. She tries to explain the people that she has joined as a intern for data job but fails to do so and is forced to give auditions.

Dhruv’s colleague Sakshi insults Thapki and asks her to leave citing that a stammering girl like her has no place in this company.

Meanwhile Dhruv is about to telecast an important news about auto rickshaw fare and is upset as he doen’t know the exact increase in price hike of auto fares.

Thapki who is still standing there requesting Sakshi to give her at least one chance gives Dhruv the exact information.

Later, Dhruv tells Sakshi to appoint Thapki as his intern at Channel 365.

Thapki is happy to get her dream job and that too get confirmation from star reporter like Dhruv.

Now, in the upcoming episode it will be seen that Sakshi who is furious with Thapki joining the company will try to insult her once gain.

Sakshi will ask Thapki to find out tea or coffee preference of all the employees at Channel 365.

Thapki start asking every one while stammering in the process and some of the colleagues will make fun of her.

How will Thapki react to this situation positively?

It will be interesting to see Thapki making her own space at Channel 365 with her intelligence.

Will Dhruv fall in love with Thapki?

Stay tuned for the latest updates from Thapki Pyaar Ki!





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