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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 06 May 2017 Written Episode, TSMSP Written Update

Star Plus serial Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji Written Update 06th May 2017, Tu Suraj Main Saanjh Piyaji Written Episode

Today’s Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 06 May 2017 episode starts with Kanak thinking what to do to get the keys. A curtain falls over her. She sees the curtains lying near Uma’s feet. She says no, idea is not good, but anything for Bhabho. Maasi goes to get curd and sugar. Kanak goes to Uma and slips, holding curtains and taking runs. Uma and Kanak get tangled in the curtains. She tries to get the keys. Everyone gets shocked seeing them stuck inside curtains. Kanak gets the keys. Maasi says someone free them. Paulmi gets a knife and tears curtain angrily. Kanak and Uma come out. Suman stops Paulmi.

Paulmi says I was helping. Kanak thanks her. Maasi asks her how did she get tangled. Kanak makes excuse. Uma says Maasi should have seen how Kanak has hit mosquito. Kanak says I will go and change. Maasi says this is fine. Uma says Maasisa let her go, there is still some time. Kanak goes. 

Maasi thinks Kanak has done magic on Uma, I don’t find her good. Vansh asks Babasa to wear specs and see. Vansh fixes the glasses again. Babasa says we are not getting shop papers, I m worried, I don’t know. Vansh says we will get papers, don’t worry, you and Bhabho are like Ram and Sita.

Golu comes and says I think I will get bride today. Meenaksi says you are owner of saree centre, hold your stomach in. Babasa says tension is coming on face. Vansh smiles. He says that flower is showing miracle. Rani gets crockery. Meenakshi asks her to get costly crockery. Meenakshi introduces the guests. She praises Golu. The girl’s parents see Vansh. Meenakshi says he is very smart and handsome. Babasa jokes.

The man says we will do roka today itself and holds Vansh. Golu says this is cheat. Rani says groom is here. The man says Vansh is one in a million. Meenakshi says Golu is the groom. The groom’s parents refuse for alliance. Meenakshi argues.

Kanak looks for papers. Maasi goes to see Kanak. Kanak sees her drawing and says I know stealing is bad, I just came to take Bhabho’s shop papers, help me. She gets the papers and smiles. She sees Bhabho’s thumb impressions and Uma’s signs. She thinks why will Bhabho give her shop to anyone. She says I have to show papers to lawyer, congrats, I got the papers. She says her lines.

Maasi checks jewelry and recalls Kanak’s words. She says anklet is here, why did Kanak lie, something is fishy. The girl’s dad taunts Golu to be overweight. Meenakshi defends him. She says if my son is lesser than 99 kgs, you have to make her samdhan. The man agrees.

Rani gets weight machine. The man says I m sure he is 99 kgs. Babasa asks Golu not to worry. He stops him from eating samosa. Kanak thanks Lord and says I will be out of this Lanka. She says my bone can break if I fall down, there is no way now, time is less. She encourages herself.

Maasi takes care of her sister. She says I supported Uma as his shadow, after his marriage, I feel he needs me more, Uma’s wife has many secrets hidden, Uma is simple, she is clever, I promised you I will become Uma’s mum and protect him, I see that oath breaking now. Kanak hides papers seeing Uma coming. Uma smiles seeing her.

Uma makes Kanak wear the necklace. Key falls down. Uma picks it. She looks at him.


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