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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 13 May 2017 Written Episode, TSMSP Written Update

Star Plus serial Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji Written Update 13th May 2017, Tu Suraj Main Saanjh Piyaji Written Episode 13 May 2017

Today’s Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 13.05.2017 episode starts with Maasi asking Uma to get the answers from Kanak’s purse. Uma says I will just go and give this to Kanak. Uma goes to Kanak. Kanak thinks what will Uma do, he would have checked the purse by now. Uma asks what’s all this. Kanak recalls her promise to Sandhya and Sooraj to get Bhabho’s shop back.

She misses Sandhya, who was always her strength. She asks why are you asking if you know everything. He asks why did this happen. She says this is my world, my everything, I knew I had to take risk to get this. He asks what should we do now. She says you don’t care for my yes or no, just say your decision. He says so I have decided, if you want to get something from me, then its your right, if we get Shiv-Parvati’s blessings, then we have to keep the vows like them as well, you can keep your things personal. He gives her the purse and tells her about Parvati ji coming from her Maayka, she told Shiv ji that he got much respect in her Maayka, she has great food, Shiv ji did not believe, when she slept, he has seen simple food in her stomach by his Divya sight, she got angry knowing this, and asked Shiv ji to promise that husband will not see the secrets of wife, which wife does not want to say, she said wife holds secrets in stomach so that relations balance is maintained, so Shiv ji promised that if wife wants to keep some secret, he will not try to know.

She says that’s why Shiv ji is called best husband, some space should be there in husband and wife. He says Shiv ji’s devotee is also like him, if you don’t want to share things with me, I will not try to know it, I trust you completely, its your responsibility to keep it, once trust breaks, it won’t join. He goes. She says I will check potli, if papers are there or not. She sees the papers and thanks Parvati for her promise. She says this man is so complicated, when I get afraid of him, he supports me and gives me courage, he injured his hand to get potli and did not check the potli when everyone said, his rules and customs makes him different, anyways everyone is mad here. She asks Parvati Maiyya to help her meet Arvind.

Meenakshi and Golu come to meet Khandelwal’s daughter. Golu sees the pic and praises the girl. She says you look like Ram and Sita. He asks her to pinch him to see if he is dreaming. She pinches. He screams and says its not a dream. Khandelwal meets them. He says I thought entire family will come. Meenakshi says I think you did not feel bad, we will leave, many proposals come for Golu. Golu asks what are you doing. She says I know to raise value of our things. Khandelwal asks them to sit. He asks servant to get snacks.

Meenakshi says we are famous in Pushkar, everyone knows Rathi family, my son Golu Rathi, I have fed him well since childhood. Khandelwal smiles and says look… She says stop, there is more to say. He says look I like our Golu. They get shocked. Khandelwal asks what happened, tell me is there any demand. She asks him to give whatever he wants to his daughter. He says I m not giving my daughter. She says we came to talk about your daughter and my son’s alliance. He says I love my only daughter, I can’t live without her, your son has to stay as Ghar jamai, my daughter won’t go inlaws, he will get whatever he wants. Golu refuses and says did you think any guy will agree to stay here as Ghar jamai, sorry I m not like that, I m not on sale. Meenakshi gets emotional. Golu asks her to come.

Maasi wishes Uma knows Kanak’s truth today, once he sees truth, then he will keep dharm according to him. Uma comes. Maasi asks what was there in potli. He says I did not open potli, she did not say anything. Maasi asks why. She says she is my wife, not maid, she will tell me when she feels right. Kanak comes. He says I was thinking to take Kanak out. Kanak says what did you mean. Suman says he means to say beach. Kanak says oh. Suman says Paulmi was saying she wants to go beach, she did not see sea shore. Uma says I will take you guys later, just Kanak and I are going today. Maasi asks them to go, fresh air is good. Kanak says I don’t want to go now. Maasi asks do you have habit to say no always, go with Uma, it will be fun.

Kanak says fine, I will go and change. Uma goes. Maasi says Uma is keeping love with her, but how to love someone bad, the girl is not like she looks, she is cooking something, then it will be a storm, we will get to know, she can’t hurt Uma till I m here.

Kanak smiles and walks on the beach. Uma smiles. Rishta ye kaisa hai…..plays….. Uma recalls their moments. He comes to her. She thinks he is her biggest problem, now she just thinks how to get rid of him. She gets an idea that she does not know the language here, she can borrow a phone and call Arvind to talk about Bhabho’s shop. She acts to get hurt. He says I will see your foot. She asks him to go, she will come. He goes. She says its good, I will leave now. Paulmi is sad. Suman says we will go out somewhere. Paulmi refuses. Suman asks Maasi to see Paulmi. Maasi asks Paulmi to go and see sea shore. Paulmi says no, they will think I came to keep an eye on them. Maasi says you have to do that. Paulmi gets shocked.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 15 May 2017 Precap:

Uma says Paulmi, you here, what happened. Paulmi says Kanak was talking to someone and said she came Kerala for some imp motive, when asked her, she started lying. Uma looks at Kanak.


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