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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji Written Episode 04 April 2017 TSMSP Written Update

Star Plus Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 04th April 2017 Written Update Tu Suraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 04 April 2017 Written Episode

Today’s Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 4.03.2017 episode starts with Kanak coming to everyone. She gives the jalebis to Ved. Ved gives it to pandit. Pandit keeps bhog and gives plate back. Ved gives sweets to Bhabho. Bhabho tastes jalebi and says since 5 years, we do Shraddh at different places, but jalebi taste does not change, its like made for Sooraj and Sandhya. Kanak, Ved and Vansh smile.

Bhabho does some charity. Kanak too stands in the poor people’s line. She covers her face with dupatta. Bhabho makes her wear the garland. Bhabho stumbles. Kanak shouts Bhabho and holds her. Bhabho gets shocked. Kanak lifts the dupatta off. Bhabho goes ahead. Ved and Vansh stop her. Ved says Kanak has hidden and made prasad all the years so that she can get your blessings, she is Sooraj and Sandhya’s daughter and gets charity things, she gets glad to accept it. Vansh says she had exams, she came here alone, when we refused to her, she wanted to see you and get a pair of clothes from you, why is this hatred, what did she do, tell her, she will give her life and rectify her mistake.

Ved says she is your Ansh, she has right on your love, tell her crime before punishing her, see the pain in her eyes, tell us what’s the reason you stayed annoyed with her. Bhabho says you both did abshagun in my puja. She goes. Kanak looks on.

Kanak cries and steps in river water, praying to get Bhabho’s love. Uma is also there praying and dipping inside the waters. Kanak says its said Lord can do any miracles, why are you not keeping Bhabho’s hand on my head. Kanak’s garland gets off her neck and goes towards Uma. Kanak prays to Lord to help her by some medium. Tu Sooraj…..plays………. They both dip and come out, continuing the prayers. She says there will be someone who becomes sun and ends my darkness, who makes me meet my Bhabho. Uma gets up and garland goes in her neck.

Daisa puts garlands on Sooraj and Sandhya’s idols. She says we are breathing today as Sooraj and Sandhya gave their lives to save us, Diya and baati got blew off, so that darkness does not happen in Hanuman Mali. Meenakhi prays snacks for Golu.

Daisa says we will observe two min silence for Sooraj and Sandhya, and pray for their soul peace. Golu falls down. Everyone ask what was that sound, and rush to see. They all laugh on Golu falling on bean bags and bursting it by his heavy weight. Golu shouts mummy. Meenakshi comes there and asks them not to tell anything to her son.

Meenakshi argues with Daisa. The lady jokes on Golu. Daisa says make his weight slow, else he won’t get a girl and horse for marriage. Meenakshi says I will get a girl adorned by gold and silver for my Golu, there will be line for him. Golu imagines brides fighting to marry him. Babasa comes and asks Golu to come out of dreams.

Meenakshi says my Golu will go on elephant. Daisa says elephant will sit on elephant. The ladies laugh. Ved and Vansh dance around Kanak to make her smile. Kabhi kabhi aditi……plays………..

Vansh says seeing her crying face, I doubt she is Sooraj and Sandhya’s daughter, maybe she got swapped in hospital. Ved says no, she is more of them, Bhabho got her birth done at the sweets shop, what she says in between. Kanak tells her lines. They smile. She recalls Bhabho’s words and says I see the videos you both made, Bhabho loved me a lot. Vansh says she does not remember our anthem song. They sing Kitne ki bhi tu karle sitam…..plays………they laugh and hug.

Uma meets some men. The man tells Uma about the free medical treatment of people. Uma thanks the men. The boy laughs and asks Uma where is Bhabhisa, I know this garland is Varmala. Uma notices the garland in his neck. Boy says you are acting innocent as if you don’t know. Uma recalls and removes garland. He says Chandan essence is coming. Boy says it means my Bhabhisa is going to come soon.

Bhabho wraps Sooraj and Sandhya’s pic. Maid asks her to be careful, I will help. Servant says she is my daughter, she has leave in college, its 2 months holidays, does your grand daughter study in college. Bhabho says no, I have no granddaughter.

She calls Vikram. Vikram is on the way. He offers help to a lady and starts the scooty. She thanks him. He says I m such, I m always ready to help people. She asks do you stay close. The little boy says yes, he stays here with his wife and children, come I will introduce you. The lady makes a face. The boy says see I saved you, else you would have had to sleep on shop empty stomach. Vikram asks really… come. He gets Bhabho’s call and asks about Shraddh done. Bhabho says yes, book my yatra tickets, I will go for 2 months. He asks did Kanak get holidays. Bhabho says you book tickets, I will leave.


Kanak says my B.com ended, now I will be coming home forever. She asks Uma does he treat just men. Uma says yes, as I have to touch patient’s body, its wrong for a man to touch a woman according to Dharm. Kanak says I will see and touches him. She gets a shock and his bangle falls. He picks the bangle


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