Udaan serial update – Chakor turns into Suraj’s defender

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Here’s what is in store for the viewers of Udaan serial in the upcoming episodes.

Chakor tells the villagers that Suraj can recall the past, he is recollecting his childhood days, if they try to make him recall, they will succeed. The villagers agree to support her. Bhuvan says it will be a great thing if Suraj recalls the past and becomes our protector like before. Chagan too gets ready to help Chakor. She is willing to face any dangers. Pakhi tells Chakor that Lord has given her a new hope, till Suraj regains his memory, they have to make Imli and Ranvijay away from Suraj. Chakor says we have to divert their attention. Pakhi tells Chakor that they can put Imli’s business in trouble, so that Imli gets busy.

Chakor tells Pakhi that Imli may blame Suraj or villagers for the loss and punish them. She tells everyone how Suraj spared her life and didn’t fulfill Imli’s command. She worries that Suraj will face Imli’s tortures again. Imli’s goons catch Suraj and take him to the haveli. Chakor sees Suraj taken away. She tells Kasturi that she has to protect Suraj.

Imli decides to punish Suraj. She scolds Suraj for leaving Chakor free. Ranvijay tortures Suraj. He demands an answer from him. He asks Suraj why did he not kill Chakor. He reminds Suraj that he is just their bandhua. Ranvijay asks Imli to kill Suraj. Imli doesn’t deter from torturing Suraj. Chakor comes to the haveli to save her love. She stops the tortures done on Suraj. She gives an answer to Imli.

Chakor can’t let Suraj bear the punishment. She has sensed the bad happening early. She does a wife’s duty and protects Suraj. Suraj doesn’t reveal anything to Imli. Chakor understands his silent dilemma. She tells Imli that no one can make Suraj and her away. Suraj sees Chakor’s bravery. Chakor warns Imli against her evil doings. He doesn’t oppose her. Chakor gets happy with Suraj’s changing behavior. Suraj makes a plan to free Suraj from Imli and Ranvijay.

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