Warrior High latest: Dadi finds out Vibha’s feelings for Parth

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MTV’s popular youth centric show “Warrior High” is all set for some interesting drama in its upcoming episodes with entry if Vibha’s (Anupriya Kapoor) Dadi in the show.

In the ongoing track of the show it is seen that Vibha’s Dadi, makes Kamini do stuff for Dadi which irritates her a lot.

Dadi also engages Kamini in acquiring husband activities to lessen Vibah’s workload

Dadi gets along quite well with Parth (Laksh Lalwani) and Utkarsh (Anshuman Malhotra) and they like Dadi too.

Sid falls in love with Siyali

Meanwhile Sid (Ashwini Koul) keeps thinking about Siyali (Sanaya Pithawala) but Krisanne thinks that Sid loves only her.

Ayaz tries to get close to Utkarsh under the pretext of missing his family, while Utkarsh feels awkward with Ayaz’s closeness.

Now, in the upcoming episode, Dadi will speak with Vibha regarding Rishab. However, Vibha will understand Dadi’s intentions of finding a life partner for but she will reject Rishab.

Later, Dadi will try to find out Vibha’s feelings for Parth by throwing questions at her about Parth.

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