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Warrior High Spoilers: Sid and Siyali come closer during Head Boy Competition

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In the current track of MTV’s Warrior High it is seen that Siddharth and Siyali met to each other during their opening fights.

Siddharth and Uttakarsh earlier got into fight over Siyali where Siddharth challenged him that if Utakarsh gets defeated by him then Siyali will have to kiss Sid.

However, Uttakarsh gets beaten by Siddharth badly and Siyali develops hatred for Sid.

Siddharth and Siyali avoid facing each other but gradually Siddharth starts feelin love for Siyali after seeing her good side.

Siddharth also saved Siyali from the earthquake incident.

Both Siddharth and Siyali are unaware about their grown up feelings for each other but soon they will realize it.

Now, Siddharth and Siyali once again have challenged each other over Uttkarsh for winning the competition.

Siddharth tells Siyali that he will become the new head boy of student but Siyali challenges him that Uttkarsh is best to be head boy.

Siddharth says to her if he loses he will do anything Siyali would ask him but if Utkarsh loses, she will fulfil his wish.

Siddharth might have chances to win the competition as he has maintained his popularity in the college.

What do you think?

Stay tuned for the latest updates from Warrior High.


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