Home TV Woh Apna Sa Written Episode 19 April 2017 Written Update

Woh Apna Sa Written Episode 19 April 2017 Written Update

Zee TV serial Woh Apna Sa 19th April 2017 Written Update, Woh Apna Sa 19.04.2017 Written Episode

Today’s Woh Apna Sa 19 April 2017 episode starts with Jhanvi brings Baba, Jhanvi asks if he remember anything odd happening last night? Baba says i remembered something, i wanted to call you, Jhanvi asks what was it? Baba says that was.. I dont remember it anymore, Jhanvi says no problem, take rest. Baba sees same knife with which Nisha threatened him as Jhanvi hanging on wall, he gets scared and recalls how Jhanvi(actually Nisha) threatening to kill Adi, he panics, Jhanvi asks what happened? Baba shouts to go away, Jhanvi asks what happened? Baba looks at knife in fear and screams to leave this room, Jhanvi looks at knife, she takes it off from wall, baba thinks she is going to kill him and shouts going hysteric, he says she will kill me, go away. Kaki and Nisha comes there, Kaki asks Jhanvi to leave for sometime, Nisha holds Jhanvi’s hand and takes her out of his room, Baba says she will kill me. 

Adi brings kids in park, he says we will play truth and dare now. First is Chinni’s turn, she takes truth, Adi asks if she did Binni’s homework? she says yes, Adi says next time help Binni to do it. Next turn is Binni’s, Adi asks truth or dare? Adi thinks that please say truth Binni, Binni chooses truth.
Nisha says to Jhanvi that you came here for Baba but his health is going down seeing you so just leave from here, spare us. Jhanvi shows her knife and says where did this come from? it was hanging on his wall, i am sure you did something last night.
Adi asks Binni that when you went to washroom last night, you met Nisha mummy right? when you were out of house, you met your mummy right? Binni looks on in dilemma. Chinni says Binni say truth, dont lie, its game. Adi says if you lie then spin bottle will know it and you will lose. Tell me did you go to Baba’s room last night? Binni looks on sad, Adi hugs her and thinks she has to say truth.
Jhanvi says to Nisha that i am sure you have done something, why this knife was in his room? what you did? Kaki comes there, Nisha says Baba is scared of you and not me, i am sure its all because of you, you leave. Jhanvi sees Kaki and asks how is Baba? can i meet him now? Kaki says he panicked second time seeing you in a single, it would be better if you dont meet him right now, it would be good if you stay away from for somedays, please go. Kaki leaves, Jhanvi is sad, Nisha says now you have to leave, i will take you out of house personally, I have asked you gently many times, i am telling you last time to not come inbetween me and this family, you worry about Baba right? i will bring certified nurse for him, leave now, just leave. Jhanvi says I am leaving now for Baba’s sake but i will end this game which you have started. Nisha takes knife from her, Jhanvi glares at her and leaves. Nisha says I hope I dont have to see this Jhanvi ever again. Jhanvi comes out of Adi’s house sadly, she has tears in her eyes and leaves.

Adi brings kids home. Nisha greets kids and they go to her room. Adi smirks at Nisha, Nisha sweetly smiles at him. Adi comes to her and smiles, he grabs her hand and drags her to room. He shouts what to do with you? i feel like slapping you, you are making your child lie? for you you are making your daughter lie? have some shame. He brings Jhanvi’s clothes from closet and says what is this? are you psycho? behave like girl sometimes and you want to take care of Baba by threatening him? Jhanvi came here to take care of Baba and you did this with her? i am ashamed of you, you are so filthy, i am disgusted. Nisha cries and says dont say that, why did you bring Jhanvi here? i did all this because i love you, how to make you believe that I love you, i dont care about anyone but what should i do to make you believe that I love you Adi? she hugs him behind. Adi pushes her away and says what kind of love is this? if you realize your mistake then call Jhanvi and say sorry, tell her that Baba and this family needs her and she has to come back, tell her you filled fear in Baba’s mind against her, he calls Jhanvi and yells at Nisha to talk to Jhanvi. Nisha takes call, Jhanvi answers call, Nisha says I am sorry Jhanvi, forgive me, comeback, Adi says not like this, like you plan and plot sweetly, tell her sweetly too, tell her you are sorry and tell her what you did too. Jhanvi hears everything on call. Nisha says on call to Jhanvi that I manipulated Baba because i didnt want you back in this house, I am sorry, forgive me please, she weeps, and says please comeback. Jhanvi says i will comeback but till you dont say sorry from heart, it has no importance to me, I want Baba to become fine so i will come only for him, she ends call. Nisha looks at Adi and says i am sorry, she grabs his shirt and looks down, Adi says now go to Baba, hold his feet and ask for forgiveness, she says Adi? Adi says you are ashamed now? you dont feel shame when you do filthy acts and destroy lives of people, go and touch Binni’s feet now, Nisha turns to leave but Adi says thats the problem, i cant do this, I cant disrespect child’s mother infront of a child, i cant make kids see their mother like this but you have to hold Baba’s feet and plead for forgiveness, go now, Nisha silently leaves, Adi looks on.


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