Yeh Hai Chahatein update: Gopal files a complaint against Khuranas of child labour

Yeh Hai Chahatein latest news: Rudra tortures Prisha to work as servant

Here’s what will happen in the coming episodes of Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC) serial on Star Plus. Prisha wonders why is Rudraksh being good to her when he hates her. Soon, he reveals his motives when he tells her to to do all the work as he has fired all the servants because of her. Ahana understands Rudraksh’s plan to torture Prisha and gets happy. Ahaha tells Prisha that can no option else she can leave the house.

Rudraksh and Ahana ask Prisha to clean the floor. Saransh does not want his mother to go anywhere and helps her. Gopal and Vasu come to meet Prisha and Saransh and get shocked to see them working as servants.

Gopal and Balraj get into an argument as Gopal slams them for treating Prisha so badly. Balraj asks him to take away his daughter, if he wants. Prisha explains Gopal that she is doing all of this for Rudraksh’s custody.

Gopal decides to help Prisha from this torture and decides to complain against the Khurana’s in a NGO. Yuvraj becomes bankrupt. He decides to trap Prisha and get Saransh’s custody at any cost to get rights of his Rs. 50 lakh trust fund. He calls Prisha to meet him but she tells him that she is now Mrs. Prisha Khurana and cannot meet him. He is left shocked.

Ahana tricks Saransh to destroy important papers in a shredder calling it a snow machine. He gets scolded by Balraj. Saransh tells everyone that Ahana had asked him to use the machine. Ahana raises her hands on Saransh but Prisha stops her. She warns her of not sparing anyone who hurts her son.

Gopal files a case of child against Khuranas as he wants to get Saransh back home. Rudraksh pretends to be a loving father and loving husband to handle the matter with the NGO people.

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