Home TV Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13 January 2018 Written Episode, YHM Written Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13 January 2018 Written Episode, YHM Written Update

Star Plus serial Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th January 2018 Written Update, YHM Written Episode Full Update

Today’s (13.01.2018) Yeh Hai Mohabbatein episode starts with Ishita requests the nurse to let her meet Raman. Raman is unconscious. She goes to him and tells him to get well soon.

She says why does it happen to us, we have been married for so long but have to stay apart from each other too, she says i know you have lost your memory but you love me, Ishita has no wajood (existence) without Raman. She recollects the time when he makes fun of her, she says you have to comeback as you will never get a wife my me who is ready to take all your tantrums. Please get well soon and make fun of me, see what has happened to you.

Param and Simmi come back after their tea break. Simmi says i am happy to spend good time with you. She says let me see Raman, Param stops her, she says this is not a place to romance, he says wait some time, she says you can romance at home, she says please go and check on papaji.

Ishita recollects old times with Raman, Simmi is coming towards Raman’s room. Ishita says i have to leave now but i will alays be there for you. Just when she leaves, Raman gets consciousness, he has blurr vision of Ishita leaving the room. Ishita sees Simmi coming from other side and hides herself. Simmi senses something but misses to see Ishita. She enters the room and finds Raman is back to consciousness, Raman thanks for hat she did to her, Simmi says i was not here then who was here. She tells him he will get discharged tomorrow. Nurse informs Simmi that ishita had come to meet him. She goes and scolds Ishita that she broke Raman’s promise, ishita says i have not as Raman did not see my face as his eyes were closed. She says why can’t you attend you brother if you care for him, Simmi says stop doing your drama, nurse scolds them.

Ruhi is in the office and yells at the employees for not completing order in time. She warns them to take small breaks, the employees come out and say that we should not work for Ruhi, another employee Shweta tells them to understand Ruhi’s condition as she is tensed about Raman. Shweta goes to Ruhi and tells about them but Ruhi reprimands them too.

Raman is talking to a nurse while Ishita looks at hom from outside the room, Raman recollects a memory of ishita.

Mr. Bhalla asks Mihika about Simmi calling from hospital about Raman.. Mr Bhalla tells neelua that Ishita will not come in this house, Romi tries to talk to mr Bhalla to take his promise back. Mihika is upset seeing Romi taking isita’s side, she blames all of this has happened because of Ishita.Romi and Mihika fight, Mr Bhalla tells them to shut up, Romi wonders what has happened to Mihika she is against her own sister.

Ishita blames herself that she has only ot taken care of Raman, wbut what do i do, why can’t i make people happy, she is disturbed with the promise. She removes her anger on small issues in the house in front of Mrs. Iyer. She says no one cares about me, do i matter to anyone. Mrs. Iyer curses Bhalla for troubling ishita who is giving her life for them. She says how will Ishu face all of this. 

Ramn sees all the bouqtes with get well soon cards, Simmi comes to give him juice and tells him to relax, he asks who has sent so much flowers, he says to send thank you note to all, he asks Ms ishita knew i was not well right, she is upset with this question and says yes, he says she has not sent flowers or met me as a business associate, she says don’t feel bad, but she is such a lady, she does not care about anything, she instigates him that ishita is not what she looks like and only thinks of her profit only, she blames this all happened because of her. She says let her be, don’t think of her. Raman wonders why ishita has not met her. he gets a call from Mr Mehta, he says i will coem to office for meeting.

ishita is sitting out in corridor outside bhalla house, she is disturbed for not seeing Raman, Raman sees her and goes to talk to her , she ignore him, he gets upset, she gets up, he asks if someone is not well, one should aks about the, it is basic courtesy, you are my business associate and neighbor, are you such selfish person, i am talking to you and you are not even seeing me, he says good i am not like you, let me tell me, you cannot maintain relations like that, you didn’t ask me, but i am uch better , hope you will also be good some day, Ishita is tears.

Shagun goes to talk to ishita, she opens the curtains, ishita says let teh, me, i wnat to be in dark, she tells Shagun to please leave her alone, shagun says you want to hide from yourself? ishita says why do i have to give a test, shagun says god takes test of people who can pass the test, ishita says this time i have failed, shagun says you cannot give up, just be calm and you will ind an idea. Shagun tells her not to stay around Bhalla house for some days, she invites her to stay at her place for some change, ishita says who will look after Pihu. Shagun says Ruhi and aaliya are there, shagun says come with me, thats it. Mr Iyer says, Shagun is right, you should go for break, please.

Raman asks Romi why didn’t Ishita come for meeting, he curses her to be selfish, Romi tells him that Ishita was in the hospital all the tome, Param is furious, Raman asks why Simmi didn’t tell me anything, Param says Simmi may not have seen her, Romi says exactly Simmi didn’t tell you, Romi says you are unnecessary blaming ishita, Param asks Romi what are you doing, Romi says you can never separate Raman and Ishita and we will not let you do so.  he says ishita will soon end you and Simmi’s sin, get ready.

update in progress….

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