Yeh Hai Mohabbatein upcoming twists: Raman sees Shaina with Sahil

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Fans of Star Plus popular serial Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (YHM) will have to gear up for some interesting drama in the coming episodes!!

It would be seen that Raman falls in trouble when he enters a club to meet Ishita. The police raid the club. He fails to tells the police that he has seen Ishita with a don. Shaina and Sahil mange to leave the club because of the raid.

Raman can’t understand why Sahil addressed ishita as his wife Shiana. He comes home and confronts Ishita for cheating him and question her about being with his big enemy Sahil. Shaina lies to Raman that she was at her clinic for work, so she could not have been in the club. Shaina tells the family that Raman drinks alot and is imagining things. Raman gets upset. Ruhi finds Ishita’s (Shaina) behavior strange and wants to believe Raman as she is aware that Raman can never blame Ishita without any reason. Ruhi discusses this with Simmi who is helpless and cannot tell the truth to Ruhi.

At the same time, Sahil figures out someone is trying to ruin his business by informing the police. He tells his men to find out who it is. Raman meets Mani and he tells Raman that he had seen Ishita at the club last night and had assumed that Raman and Ishita were on a secret date. Raman wonders why is Ishita lying to him. Further, Simmi stays in her room all day in order to stay away from Shaina. Shaina threatens Simmi. Simmi knows that Shaina will soon get exposed as Raman will find the real Ishita. The big twist of Shaina and Ishita’s swapping will be out soon.

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