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Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka 23rd October 2020 Written Update: Aman in danger due to Roshini?

Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka 23rd October 2020 Written Episode: Will Roshni be able recognize Aman and save her angel heart from Tabeezi

Here’s what will happen in the coming episode of Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka (YJHJK) serial on Star Plus. Todays episode starts with Tabeezi showing a green potion bottle to Natasha and telling her about the challenge young Ayaana gave for Roshini. While they both are talking Shayari reaches the same place following Natasha and try to see who Natasha is talking to, but they hide themselves from her. Aman is also at the same place and asks Tabeezi what she is doing with Natasha.Tabeezi replies yes she lied, she knew he will come here to see his mother and get her reports. She throws the green potion on Aman which makes him an ugly man.

She reveals to Natasha that this was her plan and young Ayaana’s Challenge to test Roshni’s pure heart. It will help them test that Roshini cares for beauty of a person or a person’s love? This will prove that Roshini deserves an Angels’ heart or not. Tabeezi says Roshni seems so proud of her love, now lets see if she will recognise her love Aman in this changed condition or not? Aman tries to use his wand but does not succeed. Natasha asks tabeezi that Aman has now seen her with her, the latter asks not to worry as she already has another potion to make Aman forget everything. Both women smile but gets shocked to see Aman gone.

Aman walks towards home, in between People get afraid of his ugliness. He finally reach home and call Roshni and Daadi. Roshini comes downstairs and asks who are you?  she initially get a little afraid of him. Tabeezi reaches on time and throws the forgetting potion near Aman. Aman steps on it and forgets everything just before answering Roshini who he is. Aman starts blabbering which nobody in Khan family is able to understand. On the other side Shayari and Rehaan reaches a conclusion that Natasha is helping someone to get Aman’s sword and that person would have revived her. Rehaan and Shayari see Natsha follows her with their continuous nok jhok.

The Khan women in a room discusses that Ugly man could be dangerous, even Aman, Rehaan and Shayari are also not in the house, we should ask him to go from here. This try to make Roshini understand that they don’t who he is , from where he has come and what is his purpose of coming her. Roshini says that her heart says he is not dangerous. Aman on the other side is upset thinking that nobody is recognising him. He thinks that green liquid made him look like this may be if he washes the liquid on his body will make everything alright but it makes him look more ugly. Roshini tries to explain that he wants to tell them something, he has not harmed anyone till now. Everyone in the house is scared of Aman and thinks him as some bad power.

Roshini and Aman tries to talk and understand each other but Tabeezi come from behind and hit Aman on his head with full power. Tabeezi informs everyone that the ugly person in house is kachra Jinn and may be dangerous. Aman regains consciousness and recalls Tabeezi throwing liquid on him and gets angry on her, but Roshini stops him using her powers. He tries to tell the truth to Roshni and she goes with him.

On other side Rehaan and Shayari followed Natasha and reach some place where Rehan pulled some dangerous rope, Shayari pushes him in order to save him but instead gets herself trapped in a glass box. Rehaan tres to break the glass but in vain. They see a 2.5 minute time bomb in the box and gets scared for their life. Roshni gives a notebook and pen to the ugly man (Aman) and says if are unable to speak and just write and explain himself. Tabeezi gets scared that her secret may blow out now. She throws another liquid on Aman which makes him more dangerous thus he pushes Roshni from first floor but Armaan saves her from falling using his powers.

Shayari asks Rehaan to leave from here bomb will blast soon but he doesn’t listen and breaks the glass box by using his magical force and hugs her. everyone get worried for Roshini and goes to her. They get happy knowing Armaan saved his mum. Roshini misunderstoods the ugly man (Aman). Tabeezi gets happy hearing this.

Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 24 October 2020 Precap:

Roshini comes to Tabeezi with a scroll and says she has written punishment for kachra jinn. Tabeezi tells her that she has to put her Ayaana stamp on it. Roshini puts her clip on the top of the scroll. This makes Tabeezi happy and she says Roshini you have   yourself stamped Aman’s death.


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