Yeh Pyar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 19 March 2018 Written Episode, First Episode Written Update

Sony TV serial Yeh Pyar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 19th March 2018 Written Update, YPNTKH 1st Episode Written Update

Yeh Pyar Nahi Toh Kya Hai First Episode (19.03.2018) starts with Anushka Reddy (Palak Jain) enters her Mansion early in the morining.

She asks Rao Ji where is her father, he says he has just slept at 4.00 am after his business meet, its 5. 30 am now, should i wak him up, she says NO. He asks her what will she do until KK Rao (Anushka’s father) gets up.

Meanwhile, Siddhant Sinha (Namit Khanna) wakes up to alarm at 5.30. He walks to the washroom to freshen up. He sees a spider struggling to get out of wash basin, he says if t were my father, he would want you to struggle and slowly make your way, but i believe in short cuts and i know that the destination matters and not what way you used matters. He helps the spider come out of the wash basin with aid of a toothpaste pack. He then walks out of his house for walk.

He grabs a news paper and reads an article of how KK reddy will soon enter aviation industry and rule it too. He gets upset that his father’s name is not there. He says its of no use to talk to his father as his father thinks of the philosophy about whats in the name. He sees KK Reddy’s billboard and says that he thinks my father to be his good friend but when it comes to giving him credit, his father is nowhere.He gets up from the bench and Anushka passes by him, He misses seeing her but thinks its is Anushka, he runs behind her, Anushka realizes that Sidhant is running behind her, she gets flashback memory of their past when they were good friends and she had challenged him to catch her if he could, and if he wins she will help him go on date with her friend. FB ends.

Ansuhka stops a sweeper is cleaning the road, she recollects the same flashback when she slot to Siddhant as the sweeper was cleaning the garden then and she had to stop due to dust allergy. Siddhant holds her and says which girl should he date now. FB ends. In present, Sidhant too thinks the girl is Anushka as she has stooped because of dust. But Anushka says that Siddhant now there is no looking bacl for me, she walks past the dust and runs away from him, Siddhant thinks this girl cannot be Anushka as she didn’t stop for the dust.

Siddhant recahes home, his father Prabhakar is having breakfast, Siddhnat starts eating paranthas, hsi father tells him to atleast have a bath and do puja, if he does things rightly, he will get double benefits, Sidhant taunts him, just like you are getting double benefits. His mother tells him if you father is rigght, just because you are a lawyer, you will argue, go and have a bath.

Siddhant’ sister Poorva asks him if she can share a joke, he says he has court hearing at 10, she has to rush, she tells the joke, he does not laugh, he sees dust outside and recollects about Anushka, he asks purva is she Anushka is back, she sees purav’s social media status which states that she is in New York. He thinks its not possible that Anushka is here then.

Anushka comes home and her father KK Rao calls her in the garden. Her father tells her that you took flight last night with all details, yet you didn’t wake me up when you reached early morning, she tells her father that this means you knew about my surprise, then why didn’t you tell me. He says then how would your surprise remain surprise, they sit together on the breakfast table. Her father asks her what has she thought about her life, work, dance, relax, she says work, he says that like my daughter. He leaves for his meeting and tells Anushka that he will see her in the office. Anushka is sitting alone on table and remembers her meet with Siddhant in morning, she is in tears and wonders why did she ignore him, she should not have run from him.

At KK raos’ office, Prabhakaar, Rao have a meeting with Goyal on their important business eal, the client (Goel) talks badly with Prabhakar, KK cancels the deal with his client, Prabhakar asks him what did he do, he says in business, money does matter but relations also are imp. They have ginger tea together.

The client’s lawyer curses Prabhakar for find out all details as a lawyer and making this deal tough for them, their car meets with an accident, Goyal blames KK Rao for trying to scare them for the deal. Anushka comes to office, Prabhakar is happy to see her, she touches his feet, he says you know your values, KK says she is a capable laywer too, i had told you send them to New York for studies, Prabhaksr asks her if she met Siddhant yet as Sidhant will be happy to see her. She recollects her past with Siddhnat where they had good memories, and then tells Prabhakar that she is also excited to meet Siddhant.

Yeh Pyaar Nahin Toh Kya Hai Precap:

Siddhant and Anushka still have hit and miss moments, Siddhant is seen in the court for his case with a client.

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