Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 07 March 2017 Written Update YRKKH Written Episode

Star Plus serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 07th March 2017 Written Episode YRKKH Written Update

Today’s Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 07.03.2017 episode starts with Kartik asking Naksh to listen to him once. Naksh asks him to leave. Kartik says its imp. Naitik calls Naksh. Naksh goes. Kartik says I will say it. Naira calls him out and stops. She hugs him. She asks are you fine, you wanted to tell me something, tell me what is it. He says don’t know how will you react, but its imp to say. I will never hide anything, its big truth, its our marriage today. She asks what is it, tell me.

He says Akshara’s accident happened by Mansi, not Ajay. She gets shocked. He says Mansi did not do this intentionally. She pushes him and shouts. She cries. She says I trusted you so much, you have hidden such big truth, you are saying this today, you made fun of my love, you took mumma’s death lightly. He says Akshara is like my mum, please trust me. She scolds him and asks him to leave. He shouts I hate you Kartik and cries. She says my mumma’s culprit will get punished, and you will also get a punishment for hiding this truth, now this relation will end. He says don’t say this. She says from today, Naira and Kartik have no relation with each other, forget that you knew someone named Naira.

He worries and looks on. He does not find Naira. He holds his head. He says I will tell the truth to Naira, its her wish what happens next. Dadi asks Suwarna to give suhaag plate to Naira. Naira checks and sees clothes. She smiles. Dadi says its bridal dress for you. Everyone worry. Dadi says we have designed this dress, it has gold threads, its our blessing, wear this in marriage. She says we will leave now, there is less time. Suwarna asks Naira to wear bangles given by Naira. Naira nods. They all go. Gayu asks what will we do now. Karishma says we will wear our dress, we have jewelry and makeup planned. Devyaani says its not that, Akshara wanted Naira to wear this dress They all discuss. Baisa says Kartik’s family will not like if Naira does not wear their dress, they will get annoyed. Naira sees Akshara’s choice of dress.

Kartik takes the phone and thinks of Akhilesh and Mansi. Naira says what shall I do, I have mumma’s dress and Dadi’s dress on two sides, I m stuck, there is no one imp to me than mumma, but she asked me to think about others, as our happiness can be found in other’s happiness. Kartik calls her. He says please answer and talk to me Naira.

Naira calls him back. She asks what happened. He says please meet me right away, its very urgent. She says I can’t let anything wrong happen this time. He asks her to meet him in garden behind palace. She says what happened, my heart is getting tensed.

Naksh sees Akshara’s pic and keeps flowers. He says sorry mumma, I did not get time to tell you. I miss you a lot, when the time is getting close, I m scared, I don’t know will I do everything well or not, you used to manage everything and gave us courage, this time I also tried, if I got your blessings, my courage would have increased, please help me, nothing wrong happens.

Naira and Kartik leave to meet each other. Naira hides from Devyaani. Kartik sees Surekha. Naira hides from Baisa and runs. Kartik goes towards the garden area. Kirti and Naksh collide. He says sorry. They pick the things. She asks what happened. He says you like to keep lipstick collections. She laughs. Aditya looks on. Naksh says its normal thing, the thing which gives you happiness is not wrong. He goes. Aditya scolds Kirti. He says see how I give you a shock now.

Akhilesh stops Kartik and asks him to understand. Kartik says how many times will you say, I have to tell Naira that Akshara died by Mansi’s car, is my duty to tell them truth. Surekha comes and says everyone is calling groom, your marriage is most imp, Akhilesh go and start preparations. Kartik says 2 mins. Surekha takes him.

Akhilesh asks Lord to stop this till marriage happens. He turns. Manish slaps him. Akhilesh sees him and gets shocked. Manish asks how did you hide such big thing from me. The lady tells Naira that she is not getting the door keys, you go by other way. Naira thinks there is everyone that side. She asks lady to open door.

Manish says just shut up, she was Naira’s mum, you told me her value in that family. Naira says fine, I will go from other way. Manish says I told you clearly we have to manage matter, you spoiled it, you know what Kartik regarded you. Akhilesh says sorry, I thought everything will get fine. Manish says you always spoil things while solving the problem. Akhilesh says I was trying to convince Kartik not to tell Naira. Manish scolds him.

Manish says you thought Kartik won’t tell Naira, will he support this, he never supporting wrong thing since childhood. Akhilesh says I asked staff to stop Naira by locking the door. Manish says how will you stop them from meeting, how will you stop truth from coming out, what will happen when they know this, it means Kartik got to know this today, so he ran out and went in jeep, he could not bear truth, if anything happened to Kartik, you said you refused female staff to shut door, can’t she come from other way, Surekha took Kartik, if Naira meets him, if he tells truth to Naira, go to Naira, tell her everything, try to explain her, maybe she forgives Mansi.

Naira comes there and calls out Kartik. Manish hides. She sees Akhilesh and says sorry. He stops her. He says I have to say something imp, which Kartik wanted to say. He tells her…. (Muted). Manish hears them.

Kartik talks to Naira on phone and asks did Akhilesh say anything. Naira says about Akshara right, we will talk later. Akhilesh asks Naira to get ready, baraat is going to come. Naira smiles seeing everyone dancing.

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