Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13 January 2017 Written Epiosde YRKKH Written Update

Star Plus Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 13th January 2017 WU

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai serial episode (13.01.2017) starts with Suwarna saying I trust you Naira, just you can join Kartik with family. Kartik calls out Naira. Suwarna goes. Kartik asks what was she telling you. Naira says she was thanking me and got emotional for her son’s engagement. Kartik says leave it, we will talk about us, you should congratulate me by a hug. She jokes and goes. He stops her and asks her to see their engagement gift. He shows the kitchen pics and says its set, we will decide everything, bedroom curtains will be blue. Dadi gets shocked hearing this. Mishti and Gayu take them.

Baisa and Bhabhimaa ask Dadi to come to have food, guests have gone. Everyone see the traditional dining arrangements. Naitik asks why do you all look worried. Akhilesh says we did not sit down and eat in any function.
Bhabhimaa says we give respect to special guests by organizing such arrangements. Kartik says I like dining like this, lets enjoy this way today. He sits and asks for kachoris. Everyone sit. Dadi asks Suwarna to sit, we all are groom’s family. Rajshri asks Naksh to sit as well. Naira serves kachori to Kartik.

Kirti asks Aditya how did you come. He says I asked you not to come. She says its my brother’s engagement. Naira serves them food. She asks them not to shy to ask anything. Dadi says I will go home and eat, this oil ghee food does not suit me. Naitik says we got other food made for you. Mishti says film stars also have cheat day in diet, try this yummy food. Varsha gets fruits for Dadi. Mishti says dahi wada and kachori are amazing. Kartik says enough, I can’t eat more. Rajshri serves him more food.

Dadi asks Rajshri why are you doing this. Let family serve Kartik, he is their son in law. Rajshri says just like that.. She goes to Shaurya. Shaurya asks why did you not answer them. Rajshri asks him to have food. Naira gives a special kachori for Kartik to Gayu. Devyaani takes the kachoris plate. Gau and Naira worry. Devyaani serves that kachori to Manish. Kartik says there is no competition for kachoris here, everyone have it. Manish bites the kachori. Naira and Gyu hold head. Manish gets the note inside kachori and looks around.

He reads it. Don’t eat much of Sasural items, Bhukkad Rakshas, you will become kachori by eating many kachoris, then I will not marry you. He sees Naira and Kartik, and starts laughing aloud. Everyone look at him. Gayu asks does he laugh too. Goenkas smile. Manish says sorry. Naira and Gayu smile. Gayu says you made your sasur smile after engagement, I think you will change sasural after marriage.

Naira offers sweets to Aditya. He says there are many options, you suggest something. Shea sks him to try everything and take what he likes. Naksh says everything has different taste. Chitti slips and water falls over Aditya. Naksh holds Chitti and asks are you fine. Aditya asks Chitti are you blind, see this servant, what he did with my clothes. Naksh says he did not do this intentionally. Aditya says hotels and banquet halls are made for such functions. Naksh says even humans work there, Chitti is not servant, he is part of our family, respect him seeing his age. Aditya asks Manish did he check well before fixing this relation, I hope you are not making any mistake, call me if other functions are happening in hotels, you know my family standards, people define lifestyle seeing us, they have no manners to talk. Naksh says we stopped you from misbehaving, and about functions, everything is decided, nothing is gonna change. Naitik asks Naksh to leave it. Manish apologizes to Aditya. Shaurya calms down Naksh. Naksh says I did not say anything. Naira asks Naksh not to spoil everyone’s mood. Aditya and Kirti leave.

Dadi says tell Naksh that he is just Naira’s elder brother, he should not try to become everyone’s elder brother. Manish says Aditya got insulted. Naitik says we will explain Naksh, you also explain Aditya, he insulted Chitti. Naira thinks its good Kartik is not here, else things would have got spoiled. Bau ji apologizes to everyone. Goenkas greet everyone. Dadi says we will leave. Kartik asks it it necessary, I feel like crying. Rajshri says if you don’t go, how will you get baraat to get your bride. Kartik says I did not think so. Kartik and Naira greet each other. Yeh rishta kya….. plays…. Kartik and his family leaves.

Dadi scolds Surekha for the mistake and says I will not forgive if you make any other mistake again, I did not like what happened between Naksh and Aditya. Manish asks Dadi to give responsibility to Suwarna, we can’t bear mistakes Surekha, we can trust Suwarna more than anyone else. Suwarna says yes, but Surekha has good experience, we both will do this. Dadi says fine, there is one thing you all should go, Kartik and Naira want to have their own world after marriage. Manish gets shocked. Dadi says they want to decorate their room. Manish says I spoke to interior designer. Dadi says I heard them, Kartik’s standards got low. Suwarna says Kartik has all right to decide. Dadi says I know you will support them, this does not suit us to lower standard. Manish says Kartik will leave house if we stop him. Dadi says I had oily food on their saying, I will not see such food again.

Gayu tells everyone about Naira’s chit in kachori. Everyone smile. Kartik and everyone see engagement pics. Kartik says Naira looked amazing today. Priyanka says you can be with lover all the time, thanks to technology, it got boring, meeting is fun when you want to meet her eagerly. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani ask Naira to have eagerness to meet, don’t be on phone all the time. Priyanka says after marriage, you take relation for granted. Aditya asks Kirti to come.

Varsha says phone apps were not there in our time, we used to wait for meeting, it was fun. Kartik says love increases by staying away. Naira says I can’t think of staying away from him. She calls him. He says I was going to call you. She says Varsha said something. He says Priyanka also said something, meet me. They both meet and ask them to say what is it. Naira says Varsha said meeting is good, but not meeting is more good. Kartik says Priyanka said the same. Naira says Bhabhimaa said heart should be eager to hear voice and meet, then its fun, but we talk whenever we want, so? He says idea is not bad, we will detox social media, if we over eat, we keep fasts to detox body, so we will not meet and talk on phone till marriage. She asks how. He says we will not fight, please, I miss you more when we fight. She says me too. He says we will cheat in this fast also if we can’t stay away. They laugh. She asks will this work. He says we can try. She says we will keep fasts and break it together. He says we will tell this story to our grandchildren too. She laughs. Yeh rishta kya…..plays….

Kartik and Naira hug and bid bye to each other. They give flying kiss to each other. Yahan wahan…..plays…..

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