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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16 January 2017 Written Update YRKHH Written Update

Star Plus Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 16th January 2017 WU

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai serial episode (16.01.2017) episode starts with Devyaani asking Naksh to get other idol. Dadi says puja started, don’t send Naksh, wait for puja to end or call someone to get idol. Naksh says I will make someone have idol. He sees Naira. Naira recalls making plan with Naksh and Kartik. Bhabhimaa asks where did Chitti go. Chitti hides and says I won’t go, Naksh refused to me. Naksh messages Bhabhimaa about the idol swap and says Goenkas can get annoyed. Bhabhimaa thinks what to do. Naira and Kartik do the puja.

Bhabhimaa recalls her annoyance with Lord after Akshara’s death. She sees the idol. Naira and Kartik worry. They see Naksh. Bhabhimaa goes to idol. Kartik hopes everything gets fine. Naira thinks Bhabhimaa’s sorrow gets less by their try. Bhabhimaa stops herself from lifting idol. Dadi
asks when will idol come, its time. Naira says we have….. Kartik says it has come. They all see Bhabhimaa getting the idol. They all get glad.

Naksh takes idol from her. Naira hugs her and says you have forgiven Lord. Bhabhimaa says who am I to forgive Lord, I m sorry, I did not understand Lord’s will, he will forgive me. Kartik says so everything got fine. Dadi asks her to do the rasam. Bhabhimaa does rasam and prays.

Naksh talks to Kirti. He says there is a magic trick, rub the coin and put on it, it will stick now. She tries and coin sticks. He goes. She says thanks Naksh and sees him going. Naira says Kartik looked so cute and handsome, I felt so good being away. Kartik asks how did you think, tell me. She says like a frog, bad. He says you will get curse to say bad about husband, learn from family, how they talk about husbands. Naira says my frog is…. He asks why. She says my frog is very cute and lovely, shall I say a secret. He says sure. She says I love my frog. He gets glad and smiles. Kirti takes her. Yeh rishta kya …..plays……

Suwarna asks pandit to give flowers, I have to give it to my bahu. Pandit gives her flowers. She turns and sees Kartik. He folds hands and says I fold hands, please stop impressing Naira, don’t interfere in our lives. He goes. She says sorry, I have to give this gift to her. She goes to Naira and hugs her. She says you saved big abshagun from happening, thanks. Naira says why thanks, I did what I should have. Suwarna says I never told you, I met Akshara, we both did not know who we are, this happened that day too, your mumma gave you to me unknowingly, I have something she gave, mum in law gives some gift to bahu today, I did not know what to give you, then I recalled the thing which Akshara left to me. She shows the bangles and says Akshara had mannat and kept this to Lord, which got in my plate by mistake. She makes Naira wear the bangles. Naira cries and hugs her. Yeh rishta….plays………..

Suwarna says I can’t become your mumma, I will try my best to fill her place, I tried to Kartik too, but I did not succeed, life is short, its good to spend it with family, Kartik may not agree, but I promised myself and Kartik’s mum to accept Kartik as my son and give him love, I tried but it could not happen, when you and Naira stay with us, everything will get fine, just remember your promise. Naira hugs her. Kartik sees them and asks Naira what promise you made to Suwarna.

He asks Naira to say. Naira says I made a promise, there will be no problem in any rasam, I will not let any misunderstanding happen. He says I thought we don’t lie. Priyanka says she is saying right, I heard them myself, Suwarna come. They leave. Suwarna says I was just….. Priyanka says don’t worry, I did not hear you and said that to calm Kartik’s anger. Suwarna thanks her. Priyanka says I know, if you are hiding something, it would be good, I could not help you, after Soumya’s death, when I tried to explain him, he did not understand, he thinks just he is thinking wrong. Suwarna says this misunderstanding will not get away soon, it will be much if it gets cleared before my death, I don’t want to die with his blame and hatred, don’t talk to him, I don’t want any problems between them.

Kartik says I told you Naira to stay away from Suwarna and Manish, I came to spend time with you and give you gift. He shows the gift. Naira says gift thing with love, if brought by love. She goes. Dadi places Bappa and prays. Naitik and everyone pray at home to fight with every problem. Naksh says its Dadda ji’s birthday tomorrow. Devyaani says its Sankranti too. Naksh rushes to get kites. Bhabhimaa says I thought to ask Naira’s inlaws about Sankranti. Rajshri says we will call them here. Naitik says Goenkas sent card and invited us for Sankranti. Varsha says invitation card for that too, its too much. Dadi says its not much, we will have kite flying competition. Akhilesh says we will do something new. Dadi says Singhanias should know too.

Karishma says its just for Singhanias, did they send card for Maheshwaris too. Varsha says we did not get it. Naitik says we are one family, we should go together. Suwarna says we should call everyone. Dadi says you are deciding now. Suwarna says Kartik stayed with Maheshwaris, if he knows this, then…. Naitik says I will call them and clear matter. Vishwamber says no need, some people don’t think Samdhi as family, they are not wrong. Rajshri says don’t say this to Naksh, Naira and Kartik. Naitik says we will make excuse and refuse them. Vishwamber says no. Naksh comes.

Dadi says Kartik is close to them, I don’t want them to have right on him, we will not answer them, its better if they don’t come. Naksh says I was afraid for this, I did not get good kites, what about jugalbandi contest, think of something.

Kartik is at office. He sees the gift and recalls Naira’s words. He sees smileys made on kachoris. He says Naira and smiles…

Dadi says till til plates have something hidden, you both will find it, I will tell things about it. Kartik and Naira get things out of the plates.



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