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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25 May 2017 Written Episode, YRKKH Written Update

Star Plus Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 25th May 2017, YRKKH 25 May 2017 Written Episode

Today’s Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25 May 2017 episode starts with

Naitik (Vishal Singh) telling Manish (Sachin Tyagi) that Kartik (Mohsin Khan) is the most dependable employee and he deserves to be here with the family. Dadi (Swati Chitnis) and Manish do not like how Kartik is so concerned about the Singhanias still. Kartik tells Naitik that there is some new deal which needs to be studied well before signing. Dadi tells Manish that Naira (Shivangi Joshi) should understand how a son-in-law has to be treated in the family and she is at fault for Kartik being so humble before his in-laws. Dadi pulls Kartik away from Naitik for an interview as he says bye to Naitik at the car. Naitik tells Naksh (Rishi Dev) that they need to learn to work without Kartik as he was handling major part of their business also he says they have to make Kartik distance himself from the business of the Singhanias so that Manish does not feel bad. Gayu (Kanchi Singh) and the other family at the Singhania house also feel at loss for letting Kartik go but they understand it was with the best interests for all.

Kartik looks at his mom’s picture and thinks while Naira walks in and to lighten his mood she gets romantic with him. He gives her an advance apology letter for getting busy from the next day and spending less time with her. He says he wishes to spend the next hours with her to make up for it. Manish is excited about Kartik joining the office he orders a new car for Kartik and redesigns his cabin. Dadi is overwhelmed by this and tells Swarna (Parul Chauhan) and Sulekha that she wishes things to get normal along with everyone’s diet food regime as well. Kartik and Naira have their moments at a small dhaabha as they have fun and eat their fill. Dadi gets worried when they do not return till late. She shouts at Swarna when she tries to defend them. Kartik walks in with paan for all and asks them to enjoy while he gets some work done. As Kartik walks away Dadi confronts Naira and tells her they do not eat heavy after sunset and also prefer sleeping early when there is work next day. She says she wishes that Naira should follow these things now onwards. Naira apologizes and says she would be careful in future.

Next morning Kartik is shocked to see the brand new car and prepares to deny the gift, but Naira notices Manish and Dadi wishing he would take it and signals Kartik to accept it. She asks him not to think too much. Kartik demands Chole Bhature for luch from his wifey as he prepares to leave. Naira gets to work in kitchen and takes her own dadi on call for help. She does not find maida in the house and asks the servant to get it. She writes it down on a list and asks it to be got at the earliest. Sulekha takes the list from the servant and asks her to do something else. Kartik is busy with his work as Manish reminisces an old incident when the father-son duo -Kartik as a child-played office. He gets emotional about it and is scared something might just go wrong round the corner. Kartik tells his co-workers he does not need ordered lunh as his wife will come with food. Naira awaits the servant but he gets back without maida. The servant shows her the list with maida stricken off and tells her that Sulekha handed it over to her. Sulekha comes in with diamond necklace for Naira and gifts her that, Naira asks her about why she struck off maida. She tells her she was preparing chole bhature for Kartik. Sulekha says that in the house they do not have such unhealthy food and Naira should not get these things home. Naira is left wondering what should be done.

YRKKH 26th May 2017 Precap

Kartik messages his wifey about waiting for chole bhature hungrily, Naira reaches the dhaabha and asks them if she can make chole bhature there. Naira reaches office late with the food and Kartik storms at her and asks her to get out without listening to her.


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