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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30 December 2016 Written Episode, YRKKH Written Update

Star Plus serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode 30th December 2016

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai serial episode (30.12.2016) starts with Kartik telling Dadi that he can’t live with Manish in fake world, he will stay with Naira in their small true world. He says you can bless us if you want, else its fine. He goes. Dadi looks at Naira. Naira says nothing is final, don’t worry. Dadi says I know Kartik more than outsiders, I know who is filling this in his mind. Naira cries. Dadi goes. Naitik worries seeing Naira. Naira goes to room and sees Akshara’s pic. Rajshri comes to her and hugs her. Naira says why did mumma leave me, I needed her the most now.

Rajshri says you have the example in front of you, I know Akshara would have explained you well, she has never lost, she faced all this, she heard everyone and did what was right, what is your heart saying. Naira says don’t know, Kartik
will not be with his family after marriage, they will be feeling hurt, mumma used to say family is strength. Rajshri agrees. Naira says I don’t want to stay alone and not want to become any wall between Kartik and his family. Rajshri asks her to try and not lose.

Its morning, Suwarna prays at temple. Naira comes to temple. She prays. She asks Suwarna to say. Suwarna says i felt you will not come. Naira asks how, you called me. Suwarna says I don’t know how to start, Kartik would have told you. Naira says that you are his mum. Suwarna says stepmom, I tried to become his mum since I married Manish, our fate is bad, it hurts when relation breaks, Manish has bear all pain, Kartik went away from heart and eyes, Kartik went to boarding, then college and then much away, we used to wait for him all year when he used to come in holidays, he used to talk to Dadi and others, not me and Manish, I could bear it, not Manish, I have seen him restless, I don’t want him to bear the same pain. She cries and asks Naira to stop Kartik from leaving home, he agrees to you always. Naira cries. Suwarna says I m sorry to give you big responsibility, but no one else can do this.

Kartik says I will not tell her Gayu and ends call. He says why did Naira come to temple early morning. Suwarna says you are my Radha, of my Kanha, I can just have hope from you. Naira says I can’t promise but I can try. Suwarna says don’t tell anything to Kartik, he will get angry and never agree, don’t say we met and spoke. Kartik looks for Naira. Suwarna says we love him a lot, he is not able to see our love by his annoyance, will you help us. Naira says yes and holds her hand. Kartik calls out Naira. They get shocked. Suwarna hides. He comes to Naira and asks what happened, with whom are you talking. Pandit gives them prasad. Naira sees Suwarna hiding and signs her. Kartik asks is your puja done, come we shall go office. They leave. Naira recalls Kartik’s words. Kartik asks her to come to his side.

Dadi says I will not let Kartik go away, I will go Banares to do maha yagya. Akhilesh says I will manage. Dadi asks can you manage anything, I can see Kartik inclined to those people, he does not want to see us, we have to do some thing to get him on our side, go from here. Suwarna says wait for some time, maybe you won’t need to go. Dadi says Kartik went office, how can you see hope. Suwarna says I have hope from Naira, not him. Dadi says I can see Naira will break house. She argues.

Naitik praises Naira for managing family and business so well. Everyone praise Naira’s good qualities and mindset. Dadi says relations’ need do not change, relation need love. Suwarna says Naira wants to give love to us. Manish asks them not to argue, I want my son at any price, I lost to him many times, there was no third reason, if anyone becomes reason now, I will vent out anger on that third person.

Kartik asks Naira to decide theme of the exhibition. Naira asks him why are you irritating me, whose side should I take, I will do what is right. He goes. She holds her head. He shouts to surprise. He hugs her.

Lav and Kush ask Manish to stop Kartik. Manish hugs them. Suwarna says Kartik can’t get such brothers, we tried our best to stop him. Manish says it was not necessary to lie. She says I did not lie, I can give hope. He says fake hope. She says hope is fake till it turns true. Kartik asks Naira why is she worried. She says Shaurya went to take Naksh, I will try my best to keep him busy. He says I can understand it will be tough for Naksh.

She says yes, its benefit to have family, one is powerful when family is supportive. She recalls Suwarna’s words and says your family… if you don’t feel bad, shall I say something, we don’t want to leave few old traditions, marriage happens between two families, not two people, family gives us strength, I was away from family for many years, when I came back, I realized how much I missed. He says your family is good. She says your family is also good, they trusted you when I did not, they helped you, give them a chance and see. She asks him to please agree.

He says your words are right, but this does not go on my family, family means you and your family, about Goenkas, that’s different world, let it be different, I will not bear if you try to unite, some things will get broken forever, think if I m refusing, there will be some reason, we will not talk about this again, I can’t do this. He leaves her and goes. She stops him and says I love you a lot Kartik, I will do anything for you, but think once about what I told you. He goes.

Naira dances with everyone. Maari banri gulab ka phool…..plays………..


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