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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode 01 March 2017 YRKKH Written Update

Star Plus serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 01st March 2017 Written Update YRKKH Written Episode

Today’s Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 01.02.2017 episode starts with Kartik and Naira walking towards each other. Men take some huge box and get between. Kartik goes. Naira could not see him. She runs to her room. Baisa says he has run from jail, but he will be punished. Dadi says this did not happen right, talk to any senior police officer, I will tell Manish, we will put pressure on them, culprit should be punished. Naksh asks Naitik to be strong. Naitik says Akshara’s murderer has run away on Naira’s marriage day, can’t our happiness get complete without any bad news. Naksh says once Naira gets married, I will get after police.

Akhilesh scolds the man and asks why did your brother run from jail, could he not wait till marriage. He turns and sees Kartik. Kartik cries and says Akshara’s accident happened by Mansi’s car. Akhilesh gets shocked. Kartik asks him to answer, was Mansi driving that car, answer me. He shouts. Akhilesh nods. Kartik goes. Akhilesh calls him out.

Naira hugs Akshara’s pic and cries. Suwarna comes to her. She hugs Naira. Naira cries. Naira says he should be punished. Suwarna says Naitik is hurt seeing you cry. Akhilesh says listen to me Kartik, I love you a lot. Kartik says I trusted you and loved you a lot, you have hidden truth. Akhilesh says I did this for your happiness. Kartik says what happiness, I was in jail for many days, Naira was annoyed, her family was worried, Naira risked her life to find that culprit, you are liar, selfish, you have hidden truth to save Mansi, she is my sister, I love her as much as you do, you should have told me once, I was ready to die for her, I would take blame on my head for her, else we two would have gone, begged and cries, maybe they would forgive us, you spoiled everything, when truth comes out, it will be bad.

Akhilesh asks what will be more bad than that. Manish says don’t worry Naitik, I will call commissioner. Devyaani says I have no courage to go to Naira. Rajshri says how to explain Naira. Kirti says Suwarna went to Naira. Naitik gets a call. Naksh says I will talk and answers call. He says what, thanks. Naitik asks what happened. Naksh says police caught that man. They all thank Lord. Surekha says Naira will get some peace now. Manish says anyone go and tell Naira. Devyaani goes.

Akhilesh says we did not know whose accident happened, when we knew, you were in hospital, blame came on you, police took you, Mansi was scared, I was thinking how to get you out of jail, I went to tell truth to Naitik, I thought too many lives will get spoiled, so I got quiet, Mansi’s life your life and love, I thought once you get saved, I will talk, I never regarded you less than Mansi, Lav and Kush, they came in my life later, you were dear to me and still you are. He cries.

Akhilesh asks what would you do being in my place, how would you snatch happiness from family. Kartik says so you lied. Akhilesh says yes, a man needed money and agreed to help, I did not force him, he got what he wanted, I got what I wanted. Kartik shouts what Naira and her family wanted, what about that…. Naira lost her mum, she wanted to know culprit, who gave you right to hide culprit. Akhilesh says you think, if I made Mansi in front of them, would they let Naira become bahu of our house, would Naira marry you. Kartik asks is our marriage standing on this lie.

Akhilesh says no, its standing on your love. Kartik says I will tell this to Naira. Akhilesh says what does this matter now, why to upset her. Kartik says it matters to me, if they know this, what face will we show, truth will come out, you can’t hide truth, Akshara was like my mum, they did a lot for me, I can do this for them, I will tell them truth, you can’t do anything. Akhilesh says you can’t do this, think for yourself, Naira and Mansi.

Kartik says Mansi is my sister, I won’t let anything happen to her. Akhilesh stops and slaps him. He says come to senses, you got adamant, I did mistake, I will rectify it, but my way. Kartik sits crying. Akhilesh holds him and hugs.

Naksh says the man who does wrong, nothing right happens with him, the man will get punished. Rajshri says yes, Lord will do justice, everyone is same for Lord. Naira says sorry and hugs Naitik. She says I can’t forgive that man, how shall I forget this.Naitik says even I can’t forgive him. Naksh says topic change, don’t cry. Suwarna asks Naira to think of Akshara with happiness, not sorrow. Naitik thanks Suwarna for taking care for Naira. Suwarna goes.

Akhilesh says forget this, I promise I will manage this. Kartik says you don’t know pain to lose mother, when my mum’s two murderers roam freely, I get ignited, when Naira knows truth, think what will happen, she will hate me forever, then what love and relation will remain. Akhilesh says nothing will happen. Kartik says no, come along and tell truth to Naira, I love her, she trusts me, how can I do this. Akhilesh says please listen to me.

Kartik says please understand. Naira has right to know, how can I hide this, I have to tell her, Mansi is my sister, but Akshara was Naira’s mum, Singhanias can decide what to do of this marriage, its their wish, but I will tell them. Akhilesh says try to understand and folds hands. Kartik refuses and folds hands.

Naksh and Gayu cheer up Naira. Naitik asks Naira to forget everything. Naira says you love mumma more than me, I understand even if you don’t say. Naitik says my happiness is in you all, this moment will be same when Gayu’s marriage time comes.

Akhilesh says let this marriage happen, then do what you want. Kartik says no, I will tell them truth today and right now. He runs. Akhilesh asks him to stop. He gets worried.

Kartik and Naira stand at either sides of curtain. He says listen to me, the one who did Akshara’s accident is….


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