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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode 05 December 2016, YRKKH Written Update

Star Plus serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 05.12.2016, YRKKH 05th December WU

The episode starts with Naira saying we don’t know where is your son. Manish asks will I agree to you, I know he came here. She says yes, he came here, but he is not here now, he came to talk to me, we spoke at the accident site, I don’t know where he went from there. Naitik looks at her. Naira says if you don’t have objection, can we start puja for mumma. Manish says even I want that, tell me where is Kartik. She says the same and asks him to leave now. Manish says he came here to meet you and you spoke to him at accident spot, how did you reach there, tell me. Naitik says she won’t say. Manish says he is my son, I have right to know. Naitik says she is my daughter, I have right to stop you, you are crossing line, leave from here. Suwarna asks Manish to come.

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Shaurya answers call and tells Naitik. Manish says I won’t go till I get answers. Naitik says maybe Suwarna wants to take you there, and unable to say, we said true that we don’t know and Naira said she will tell you when she knows, Kartik is in police station, inspector called, Kartik surrendered, he has fear or guilt. Suwarna says he is right, Akhilesh called me. Manish says so Naira told this to Kartik, till crime is proved, no one can touch my son. He gets angry and leaves with Suwarna. Manish and everyone come to police station and see Kartik in lockup.

Inspector says he came himself and surrendered, maybe he has guilt and knew he will be caught one day. Manish signs him to stop. Lawyer gives papers to inspector and asks him to open lockup. Manish says maybe Kartik will try to listen to me if I go alone. Manish asks whats this, you just have to hate me and Suwarna and trouble us, don’t turn away from problems, why are you being foolish, you are putting yourself in risk, you think this is any romantic movie to put life in risk to prove love, are you out of your mind, answer me.

Kartik cries and asks what answer do you want, did you answer me till now. Manish says its about you, not me. Kartik says yes, I also did same like you, difference is there is witness and proof against me, Naira thinks I did accident, so this is my truth now, you also believe this truth now, as they are my family now. Manish gets hurt. Kartik says they have all rights to blame me, I accept all blames. Manish gets tearful eyes and leaves. Akhilesh signs Suwarna to go to Manish.

Naira asks are you leaving. Vishwamber says yes, Maa’s medicines are there, we will take Maa home for her treatment. Bau ji agrees and says we lost Akshara, we can’t get her back. Rajshri asks Devyaani to take care of everyone, I will come later. Naira signs Rajshri not to go. She hugs Rajshri and cries.

Suwarna asks Manish to be strong. He says I m trying to be strong since many years, till when Suwarna, Kartik does same always, why does he always freshen my wounds, why he hates me, he has no time for me. She pacifies him and asks him not to lose. She says Singhanias lost Akshara, we know Kartik can’t do this, you have to stop the coming storm. He nods.

Rajshri sends her family and stays back for Naira’s sake. Naira hugs her. She says sorry, I stopped you from going, I need you, if you go, who will give strength to me. I want to take care of them like mumma did, I m not expert like her, but you taught mumma, teach me also so that I can do her duties. I know its your test also, as you will miss Akshara a lot in this house. Rajshri says you are right, we have to become each other’s strength, like you need me, I need you. They cry. Rajshri says if you lost mother, I lost my daughter, we have to complete our incomplete relations. Rajshri hugs Naira.

Naira asks Naitik what is he finding. He says my glasses. She sees he is already wearing it. He says I don’t get anything here. She says I will find it, you go to Dadi, she needs you. He refuses. She says try once, mumma always used to try, fine if you don’t want to. He says no, I will go. Naira gets Akshara’s diary. Kirti talks to Kartik. She says Papa called big lawyer, tell everything to him. He says no use, its open and shut case, I did accident. She asks him not to be witness and judge, there is no proof. He asks shall I hurt Naira and her family more. She says fine, do what you want, all the best, do you have to say anything to Naira, I will call her. He says there is nothing to say now. She leaves. Naira reads Akshara’s diary.

Its morning, Akhilesh asks Kartik to listen to him. Kartik refuses. Manish and Suwarna hear him. Akhilesh says everyone is hurt by your decision, if not about us, think of your Dadi, change your decision, please. Kartik refuses and says please leave me alone. Inspector asks them to have everything back, Kartik said he does not want special treatment, if he behaves same, he will get strict punishment by court. Manish says nothing will happen to my son.

Naira sees everyone just talking and not having food. She asks were you waiting for me. Mishti and Naira try to feed food to them. Naira asks Bhabhimaa to have fruits for her sake. Bhabhimaa eats. Mishti feeds Naitik. Rajshri feeds Naira. A courier guy comes and says Akshara Singhania has sent parcel. They get shocked.

Naira comes to police station. Naira and Kartik see each other and cry.

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