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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode 09 May 2017 YRKKH Written Update

Star Plus Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th May 2017 Written Update, YRKKH 09.05.2017 Written Episode Update

Today’s Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 09 May 2017 episode starts with Naira talking to Akshara’s pic and crying. She says I have your thinking in me, I miss you mumma. Naitik and Naksh look on. Naitik holds her and hugs. Naira asks what shall I do Papa, what would mumma do to handle this situation. Naitik says you are your mumma’s daughter, your thinking is like her, ways can be different, none knows better what would Akshara do. Everyone come there and cry. Kartik lies to sleep and gets sad. Socha bhi nai tha…..plays…. Naira and Kartik cry. Kartik imagines Naira. Naira says my anger, annoyance is not wrong, you agree right. He nods. Naira imagines Kartik. He asks her to trust him. She turns away and sleeps.

Its morning, Naitik and everyone do the aarti and pray. Baisa asks about Naira’s decision. Bau ji says Rajshri has decision making rights. Rajshri says punishment should be there for crime, mistake can be forgiven, Mansi did mistake and Akshara died, but the relations can die by our wrong decision. Kartik gets Mansi. His family follows. Everyone look on.

Naitik says Naira has reopened the case, I just want her happiness, that’s it. Inspector comes to talk to Naitik. He says Naira called, she had to talk something imp about Akshara’s accident case. Goenkas worry. Naira comes and passes by Kartik. She says we completed formalities and gives him the file. She asks him to please leave Kashyap and…..

Goenkas worry. Naira says and shut this case. They all get shocked. Mansi cries. Inspector asks who did the accident. Naira says it does not matter now, I m sure Kashyap did not do accident, I don’t want to upset my mumma’s soul by punishing someone innocent. Goenkas get glad. Mansi cries and hugs Naira. Naira moves her. Kartik says you have a big heart, you did a big favor on all of us, I m proud of you, I m sorry for whatever happened. She moves back and leaves. Kartik and everyone look on.

He gets sad and goes to talk to her. Gayu says they fight and patchup always. Naksh says yes, they do the same always. Manish says tomorrow is big day, none has right to stay annoyed or worried. Kartik stops Naira and talks to Krishna ji to indirectly convey message. He says I can’t bear this distance, I always talk to her, I can’t stay away from her, you do something and solve this problem, you explain her. Naira cries hearing him.

Dadi says we will celebrate Kartik’s birthday well, we wanted to celebrate this year, if Naira comes back home. She prays that everything gets fine. Naira turns to Kartik and says I understand Lord, but even Lord has no control on few things, I m not annoyed, but I m unhappy, I m much hurt and want time. He says time will pass soon, sorrow will get less if we are together, I will try my best. She says no, I will recall that moments, and feel bad that Kartik did not understand me, how can I get normal on knowing such a big thing, he did not confirm. He says I tried to reach Naira in haldi and other functions, I did not care of any traditions and families, but wanted to tell her, she did not trust me, she said she loves me and still says the same, she does not know trust is imp in love, but maybe she is right, I m biggest fool who did not understand some people have anger bigger than their love, thanks for explaining this to me Lord, I will not do this mistake again, I will not explain anyone, Krishna ji tell her I won’t come in front of her, and even she does not need to come in front of me now. Naira looks on. He goes.

Koi bhi kuch bhi…plays…. Kartik asks Dadi to come. Naira gets a call. The man asks about cake delivery address. She asks which cake. She recalls Kartik’s birthday surprise. She asks Lord why did he put her in tough situation, its Kartik’s first birthday after marriage tomorrow, we planned so much. FB shows Kartik saying I have excitement to celebrate my birthday, this is my wish list. She asks is this country’s voters list. He asks her not to joke, I m feeling to celebrate birthday because of you, such special birthday won’t come again, it will be after our marriage, my bride will decorate everything, promise me it will be most memorable birthday. She promises. FB ends. Manish and Akhilesh come to Naira.

Akhilesh apologizes and says its my mistake I did not think you both will get punished this way. Manish says I don’t have good impression in your eyes, I think you have sense of relations and emotions, it won’t be impossible for you to understand why I did that, everyone will say I did that for my respect, to be true, I was just worried for my son and his would be wife, I did not wish the accident truth to spoil your future, so I have hidden this and made Akhilesh lie to you, today situation is same, I m saying this for my son and his wife. Naira says if truth comes out this way, it hurts a lot. Manish says person has to change according to time and situation, we both love Kartik, so I m asking you to think well and decide for your love. He leaves with Akhilesh. Naira recalls Kartik trying to tell her. She thinks Kartik tried to tell me many times, maybe I did not understand.



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